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Restaurant Francais, Both Classic and Creative in Frankfurt


Restaurant Francais is part of Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurter Hof, probably the poshest in a most classic way of all Hotels in Fankfurt. The interior of the building reminds old Napoleon style with high ceiling, lots of marble and gold elements. The restaurant presents itself in the same elegant way which somehow reflects a certain conservative sublimity. Maybe you could feel out of place without wearing a business suit. But on the other hand, the very charming and welcoming staff makes you feel at ease in this majestic decor (which could be in Paris btw) as if it was your own humble dining room. Read the rest of this entry »

Gästehaus Klaus Erfort *** – Perfection in Saarbrücken


Gästehaus Klaus Erfort is maybe not located in the middle of the most fantastic neighbourhood of Saarbrücken. But, stuck in between a tenement and a gas station one finds a beautiful white mansion with a modern extension on the side accomodating the kitchen. From the street, one can observe the chefs through a glass window. Once we passed the entrance, we were directed to the back of the mansion where a quite unique terrasse is located. There you have the most beautiful view on a huge garden with endless lawn and a tiny pavilion on the side. Quite a contrast to the street side of the house and a perfect setting for apéritifs. Read the rest of this entry »

Restaurant Favorite, Mainz


Was bin ich im Verzug mit meinen Postings! Gerade komme ich zurück aus New York und stelle fest, dass noch zig Themen aus der Zeit vor der Reise unbehandelt in der Warteschlange stehen.

Dazu gehört dieser Besuch des Restaurants Favorite in Mainz. Bei der Favorite handelt sich um ein alteingesessenes Hotel welches erhaben auf einen Hügel gelegen, die Stadt mitsamt des Rheins überblickt. Das gediegene Gourmet Restaurant unter der Leitung von Chefkoch Tim Meierhans feiert Gerüchten zufolge seit ein paar Jahren ein Renewal und war allemal ein Besuch wert, nicht zuletzt der grossartigen Weinkarte wegen, die tolle Weine aus Rheinhessen, Nahe und Rheingau (aber auch aus dem Ausland) zu unglaublich schonenden Preisen anbietet. Read the rest of this entry »

Frankfurt Fast Food: Doy Doy Kuttelsuppe


Es gibt unendlich viele kleine Dönerbuden und Schnellimbisse in Frankfurt und schnell könnte man den Eindruck gewinnen, dass eine der anderen gleicht. Aber dem ist natürlich nicht so. Kenner schmecken die Unterschiede.
Aber als solch ein Kenner wollte, und kann ich mich hier gar nicht outen. Read the rest of this entry »

First step in long needed restructuring of banking system will please wine lovers

Now that is the first good news in a long time I heard about our financial system. A new bank opened its doors in our wine region Rheingau. It is in fact named “winebank”. No complex financial instruments, no leveraged transactions, not even loans that could be taken. In fact its sole offer is the secure storage of your liquid goods. Good old brick and mortar banking I would say. You may rent a case in the cellar, bring in your precious bottles and let them increase in value as long as you wish. Of course you could also come by at any time of day or night, enter the cellar with a code and pick up the well tempered bottles you want to drink. As a special service you can order catering and directly taste the wine there. The only problem is: who protects your wine-investment from yourself in that case?

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The Red Baron!


The “Red Baron” who was formerly known as a fighter pilot from “la grande guerre” is now namegiver of a German Red wine from a very special project. Read the rest of this entry »

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