Enthusiastic Blindtaster!
… One enthusiastic blind taster! :=)

Hey folks, my name is Alex, and since I like wine, food and travelling, I decided to create this blog in order to share my notes and impressions. This was in 2005 and since then, quite a few bottles have run down our throats and some also down the sink.

At first, my intention was to exclusively describe blind tastings of wines, thus the name of this blog. But as you might have realized, these kinds of posts ended up being the rarest. Of course, this is mostly due to the effort necessary to set up these tastings – hopefully I’ll do better in the future and manage to honor the name of this blog a bit more often. Meanwhile there are tons of single wine tasting notes to discover on the site.

But on the other hand I’ve also grown quite fond of the blog as it is presenting itself now, being a chaotic mix of tasting notes, restaurant reports, collected links, posts in English, posts in German, posts in some other language… there’s no rule to it – and I guess this blog reflects a bit who I am. I think that a part of me also sees this blog as my own little European project. I feel at home in Europe and not only in Germany (I studied in France) and I try to express this somehow, knowing that it might be confusing for most readers. But of course, besides Europe, I’m also open to the rest of the world and all its wines and specialties! Ok, enough intellectual bullshit for now.

Since I live near Frankfurt in Germany, most of the restaurants I go to will be in the region but when I travel, I will always try to identify restaurants which are worth being mentioned.

Concerning wine tasting notes, some wines might receive grades. For these grades I will follow Mr Parkers’ grading system which ranges from 0 to 100. But be aware that I don’t fill in an evaluation sheet for each wine I drink, so the grade is mostly linked to my feeling. Maybe it’s just better to give grades from A to C to be less precise…gotta think about it!

So feel free to comment or contribute, I would appreciate that a lot.


PS: You can contact me by either filling out this handy contact form, or directly sending an email to alex (at) blindtastingclub.net .

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