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ProWein 2013: Messe-Schnipsel

Die Prowein: Verkostungszonen, Weindiagramme, Expertisen, Hallen, Hallen, Hallen voll mit Wein. Der Overkill an Eindrücken. Aber es hat viel Spaß gemacht. Ein paar wenige gemischte Eindrücke habe ich hier gesammelt: Read the rest of this entry »

Domaine Marcel Deiss in Bergheim, Alsace – The magic of coplantation

Since we already were in Bergheim, a visit at the legendary Domaine Marcel Deiss was kind of a must. Luckily, their tasting room is open on saturday mornings and we were probably the first to arrive at about 11 am, making for a very warm welcome at the estate. Read the rest of this entry »

2009 Kritt Riesling, Domaine Gresser, Andlau, Alsace


Es ist auch immer mal wieder interessant über den Tellerrand hinaus zu schauen. In dem Fall heisst es: Auch mal einen elsässer Riesling probieren zwischen all den deutschen Exemplaren dieser Rebsorte.

Dieser 2009er Riesling der Domaine Gresser in Andlau ist mir in einem Weinladen in Frankfurt in die Einkaufstasche gerutscht. Ein Weingut, das mir bis dahin nicht bekannt war. Laut Etikett befindet es sich, oder befand sich zumindest im Jahrgang 2009 in “conversion vers l’agriculture biologique” also in der Umstellung zum biologischen Weinbau. Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Alsace,France

2003 Clos Saint-Urbain, Pinot Gris, Domaine Zind-Humbrecht, Alsace


Clos Saint-Urbain klingt für Rieslingfreunde schon fast wie Musik in den Ohren. Fast so melodisch etwa wie zum Beispiel Clos Saint-Hune oder Clos Windsbuhl. Doch bei genauem Examinieren dieser Zind-Humbrecht Flasche fällt auf: Es handelt sich um Pinot-Gris, also Grauburgunder! Wie kann das denn sein? Sollte man nicht schon längst alle verräterischen Pinot-Gris Stöcke herausgerissen haben um sie durch den edlen Riesling zu ersetzen? Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Alsace,France

2003 Riesling de Turckheim, Domaine Zind-Humbrecht, Alsace


2003 was the year of the big heatwave all over Europe. Sadly this didn’t only influence the wine quality but had a direct impact on human lives. But of course this isn’t the topic here.

We’d rather talk about joyful things and were curious about how this 2003 Alsatian Riesling de Turckheim by famous producer Zind-Humbrecht would show. It is a bottle that was bought in a wine shop in France with the quite big price tag of about 20 Euro and we poured it shortly after for a casual dinner.
Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Alsace,France

Great Wines Gala in Berlin


A week ago I spontaneously decided to hurry to Berlin on Sunday for attending the “Gala Grosser Weine”, a wine presentation organized by a local wine store where many top German and international winemakers were presenting their products. It was a great event! Out of the German winemakers I already knew many and previously tried their wines at more close by presentations and thus the core attractions to me were big international names like Giacosa, Château Canon, Ridge, Moric or even Château La Nerthe. Can you understand my excitement? Read the rest of this entry »