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Shanghai Impressions: A little about Lafite-mania and the rise of chinese wines

Lafite bottles at Frankfurt Airport Duty Free

When talking about China and wine, “Château Lafite” is an inevitable topic, such big is the hype about this famous Pauillac estate. Some say the success of this Château in particular is linked to its uncomplicated name compared to other Bordeaux Chateaux’; it has a brand-name-quality to it which probably also helped making it the ultimate gift in China. Everyone receiving a bottle of Lafite as a gift would instantly recognize its value . Read the rest of this entry »

What a Bargain! / Riesenschnäppchen!


Seeing a wine on a restaurant list for less than the current retail price: that truly is a rare thing. Seing a 1990 Lafite that currently sells at about 800 to 1000 Euro in German online shops at only 560 Euro on the restaurant list? Bingo! Well, I didn’t order it, still a bit out of budget but good to know right? Oh, where it was exactly? A restaurant on the German countryside – won’t tell more than that ;) !

Der 1990er Lafite steht zB bei Unger Weine für stolze 950 Euro auf der Liste, aber in diesem Restaurant gibt es ihn trotz der üblichen Aufschläge für nur 560! Megaschnäppchen! Hab zwar trotzdem nicht zugelangt, aber gut zu wissen, dass es sowas noch gibt. Werde aber nicht verraten wo’s ist; nicht dass die provinzielle Ruhe durch fernöstliche Lafite-Fanatiker gestört wird (Bei dem Preis lohnt sich fast noch der Flug aus China). :P

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