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JLOB / Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar, New York


Here’s one of my last post about food in NY. In the East Village I paid a visit to JLOB where chef Brendan Mc Hale has internalized the degustation dish principle that has been taken over by, well… Degustation, the other restaurant of Jack Lamb’s small East Village empire. Read the rest of this entry »

Roberta’s Pizza, Brooklyn


It’s hard to describe Roberta’s Pizza.
If you think in an objective way and put together observed facts you could say it is a mix between a pizzeria, an organic farm, a creative kitchen, a craft beer garden, a serious Italian oenoteca and even a radio station.
If you add a little subjectiveness you could also add “Hipster hangout”, food experiment, patchwork building etc…
In any case, when you pass this door into this rusty shack you will find a very special place. And to come to the point: I love Roberta’s (and that doesn’t mean I’m a hipster). You will see why. Read the rest of this entry »

Degustation, New York


Degustation is the most recent of Jack Lamb’s East Village ventures and is located just next to Jewel Bako, his Japanese restaurant (and is only a stone’s throw away from JLOB, his third restaurant). As with JLOB, the idea at Degustation is to deliver fine dining in small tasting portions, permitting the diner to try many different creations at good value for money. Read the rest of this entry »

2007 Riesling vom Kalkstein, Stefan Winter Rheinhessen


Sehr duftige Nase nach Pfirsich-Maracuja Joghurt . Am Gaumen ein runder Wein mit saftiger Frucht (wieder Pfirsich-Maracuja) und einer prächtig balancierenden Säure.
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In der Stilistik durch die üppige Frucht fast feinherb anmutend.
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Aber auf jeden Fall ein schöner Trinkwein für jeden Tag, vor allem aber wenn die Sonne scheint und sich die gesellige Runde zum Grillen trifft.
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Sehr empfehlenswert vom Weingut Winter sind übrigens auch die Rieslinge aus der Literflasche die bei sehr großen geselligen Runden perfekt eingesetzt werden können.

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