Impressions from 2009 Roter Hang Wine Presentation

Every Year at the beginning of June, Winemakers from the Roter Hang (Red Slope) Vineyards next to Nierstein/Rheinhessen hold their public wine presentation. It is to me one of the most beautiful wine presentations since it is held in the middle of the vineyards with an amazing view on the Rhine and all the lands below the hills. What also makes it so special is that you have to follow a course and every now and then, a tasting booth offers you all the wines stemming from the lot exactly behind it. A brilliant atmosphere is created! It goes on later at night when the so called “Riesling Lounge” at the top of the hill receives you with wine and background music untill the last thirst is quenched..

Weathergods were Gracious with us Read the rest of this entry »

Christmann 2007 Vintage Presentation


These last weeks I really didn’t blog much and there are a few things I’d like to catch up on. Most importantly I’d like to transcript the few notes I made about Christmann’s 2007 Rieslings when I attended the vintage tasting at the estate in Gimmeldingen. Read the rest of this entry »

2007 Künstler Vintage Presentation

Some of the fine vines of Hochheim

As every year, Künstler presented his newest vintage at the Estate in Hochheim. The sky was overcast, but it was warm and the thrill of the 2007 vintage allured guests on its own.
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Here are some of the wines I tried: Read the rest of this entry »

VDP Wine Fair – The 2007 Blast!

nice weather outside, fabulous wines inside…

On Sunday I was lucky to attend the VDP Weinbörse in Mainz, a wine fair, where many of Germany’s top winemakers presented their collections of the 2007 vintage.

And for those who didn’t read it yet, 2007 was a blast!
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The summer wasn’t too hot and rather dull, but then in autumn, nice weather held on throughout the harvest season permitting the grapes to ripe out comfortably.
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The pros’ say that this situation where the grapes have a lot of time to ripen is much better than a burning hot summer where the grapes ripe faster and might yield higher must-weights, but do not reach the right physiological ripeness due to water stress of the vines. Read the rest of this entry »

Jahrgangspräsentation Weingut Künstler

Am gestrigen Sonntag waren wir bei der Jahrgangspräsentation des Weinguts Künstler in Hochheim / Rheingau. Der Besuch hat sich gelohnt. Insgesamt wurde aus 4 Jahrgängen gekostet und Read the rest of this entry »