2007 Deidesheimer Kieselberg “Grosse Hohl”, Weingut Mosbacher, Pfalz


Leuchtende, fast neon-gelbe Farbe. Nase intensiv nach Steinobst und getrockneten Aprikosen. Dazu noch deutliche Mineralität und Read the rest of this entry »

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Random Bottles Wine Tasting

Sometimes you just meet up with friends for a wine tasting without having a particular plan or theme. You just start with one bottle and pick the next one according to the moods, the appetites and desires of everyone.
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This was such a tasting:

The 2007 Deidesheimer Grosse Hohl GG by Mosbacher is a powerful Riesling. Vibrant and musculous, yet with enough fruit and a beautiful acidity to balance it. Nice presence and nice length. Able to compete within Germany’s Riesling top league.
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VDP Wine Fair – 2008: a different kind of vintage


As every year many of Germany’s top winemakers were presenting their newest vintage at the VDP Weinbörse in Mainz. I was again lucky to attend and get a personal first look on what is a particular vintage compared to the last years. Read the rest of this entry »

2007 Kieselberg Grosse Höhl Grosses Gewächs, Georg Mosbacher, Pfalz


Dieses Grosse Gewächs des Weingut Mosbacher stammt aus einer Deidesheimer Premier Cru Lage, die schon 1828 als solche klassifiziert wurde. Die Exposition des Weinbergs ermöglicht durchgehende Sonneneinstrahlung, und die steinigen Sandböden erwärmen sich sehr schnell. Gute Voraussetzungen für leckere Weine könnte man auch sagen.
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Deidesheimer Maushöhle 2007 Compared

Despite the relative expensiveness (very high tax on alcohol) and the little choice, it is actually possible to have a decent comparative tasting of German Riesling in Kuala Lumpur. All you need to do is… bring your own bottles to Malaysia. So did I and after one of our KL dinners we gathered around an improvised “ice bucket” cooling 2 Pfalz Rieslings. The particularity of this small tasting was that both wines were stemming from exactly the same vineyard but made by different estates. Read the rest of this entry »

Touchdown in Kuala Lumpur


As I was boarding the plane which would take me to Kuala Lumpur, cravings for Malaysian food which I tasted last March suddenly came back to haunt my mind. Luckily Malaysian Airlines serves the typical Nasi Lemak dish for breakfast shortly before landing. Read the rest of this entry »