Restaurant Aqua*** in Wolfsburg – Fine dining with factory view

The Northern German city of Wolfsburg could also be called “German Motown” as it is mainly known for having the Volkswagen headquarters and consists of plenty of Volkswagen factory buildings. In recent years though, the car company has invested in building an attraction park and visitor centre for car lovers, including a luxury hotel of the Ritz-Carlton brand. The hotel facility is nestled in between the visitor center and from its windows one can overview a harbour basin and the impressive Volkwagen factory with its century-old smokestacks. I’d call it industrial romanticism. More important for food travelers though is the hotel’s own fine dining Restaurant Aqua, where Chef Sven Elverfeld has built a reputation for being one of Germany’s top chefs.

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Germany Fine Dining News – Michelin generous with stars – Gault Millau crowns new Chef of the year

It’s that time of the year again when all restaurants in the World are being rated anew. In Germany, the two most important guides, Michelin and Gault Millau just published their new books, awarding many new stars and points to chefs all over the country.

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Die Köche und die Sterne – Les Cuisiniers et les Étoiles

Eine sehr empfehlenswerte Dokumentation von Lutz Hachmeister über Köche und Ihr Verhältnis zu Michelins’ Sterne-System. Sergio Hermann, Sven Elverfeld, René Redzepi und andere Star-Köche werden in Ihrem Umfeld beobachtet und befragt.

Un reportage très intéressant réalisé par Lutz Hachmeister sur les cuisiniers et leurs vues sur le système des étoiles du Guide Michelin. Sergio Hermann, Sven Elverfeld, René Redzepi et d’autres chefs stars sont suivis par les caméras et intérrogés.