Gordon Ramsay challenges Matt Skinner

On the internets most popular video rummage table I found this excerpt of a Gordon Ramsay show (“the f word”), where the famous chef challenges Matt Skinner -that is Jamie Oliver’s sommelier wine guy -to blind taste a few bottles. From a German perspective this is a painful scene since a cheapo bottle of blue nun represents our country here, what a pity! (But on the other hand isn’t every big wine country represented with 1 or 2 such wines on the supermarket shelves? Think of JP Chenet for France for example.)
But a moment later though, Matt Skinner could’nt identify a 1992 Petrus as a great wine, argueing it might be corked. So at least our Blue Nun gets a small revenge since in the end it had the better price quality ratio! “Sweet revenge” would be the adequate words here! …And risk/return probably the more adequate ratio. BTW, do Châteaux’ like Petrus actually replace corked bottles? Would be curious to know…
The winner of this tasting seems to be a 1998 Penfolds Grange, which still costs 500 GBPs btw. What a nice set-up: an Australian wine writer challenged to recognize the green green grass of home, I mean the red red shiraz of home of course… I would love to be challenged with such wines by the way!

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