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Stanley Diamond, La Buvette – Bistronomie mit New York Flair im Bahnhofsviertel

Und wieder tut sich was im frankfurter Bahnhofsviertel. In der Ottostrasse, umrandet von 2 ostafrikanischen Kneipen, befindet sich seit geraumer Zeit das Stanley Diamond – La Buvette. Es handelt sich um das neueste Projekt der IMA-Jungs, die mit Ihrem Restaurant im nahe gelegenen Levis Hotel sowie der Pastrami-Bar Maxie Eisen schon viel zur Aufwertung des Stadtteils beigetragen haben. Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Frankfurt

Tapas 24, Barcelona – tapas unleashed

So I previously wrote about Carles Abellan’s fine dining restaurant Comerc 24 – now it is the turn of his tapas bar project named Tapas 24. It is located close to Barcelona’s shopping boulevard Passeig de Gracia and offers modern or just high-quality interpretations of tapas classics. For coming straight to the point: I loved it! Not only are these tapas made of top notch ingredients, but the added tweaks and twists elevate many of the dishes. If you’re in Barcelona, just go there! You won’t regret it! Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Barcelona,Spain

Hunan cuisine at “Di Shui Dong” Restaurant in Shanghai

Di Shui Dong Restaurant

Now back to our Shanghai-trip that actually just ended a week ago and still is pretty fresh in my memory. Many of the activities there were been taking care of by our hosts, but I still had a small list of recommendations compiled by my friend Toby (Thanks again!). One of those was Di Shui Dong Restaurant within the French concession, a popular place both among locals and expats, famous for its spicy and aromatic Hunan cuisine. We entered the locality for lunchtime on day one. Read the rest of this entry »

Harbour House Restaurant in Kalk Bay, South Africa


On the road from Stellenbosch to the Cape of Good Hope, when driving along the coastline, one passes through the small town of Kalke Bay. When we stopped there to take a walk on the pier we were lucky to find an awesome place for lunch just next to it: The Harbour House Restaurant. We actually enjoyed it so much, that we instantly reserved a table for the next day. And then it was equally as satisfying. Check these pictures and find out why. Read the rest of this entry »

What a Bargain! / Riesenschnäppchen!


Seeing a wine on a restaurant list for less than the current retail price: that truly is a rare thing. Seing a 1990 Lafite that currently sells at about 800 to 1000 Euro in German online shops at only 560 Euro on the restaurant list? Bingo! Well, I didn’t order it, still a bit out of budget but good to know right? Oh, where it was exactly? A restaurant on the German countryside – won’t tell more than that ;) !

Der 1990er Lafite steht zB bei Unger Weine für stolze 950 Euro auf der Liste, aber in diesem Restaurant gibt es ihn trotz der üblichen Aufschläge für nur 560! Megaschnäppchen! Hab zwar trotzdem nicht zugelangt, aber gut zu wissen, dass es sowas noch gibt.
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Werde aber nicht verraten wo’s ist; nicht dass die provinzielle Ruhe durch fernöstliche Lafite-Fanatiker gestört wird (Bei dem Preis lohnt sich fast noch der Flug aus China).
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Categories: Bordeaux,France,Misc

JLOB / Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar, New York


Here’s one of my last post about food in NY. In the East Village I paid a visit to JLOB where chef Brendan Mc Hale has internalized the degustation dish principle that has been taken over by, well… Degustation, the other restaurant of Jack Lamb’s small East Village empire. Read the rest of this entry »