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Syrah Blind Tasting Session – A clash of styles!


I think the last blind tasting I took part was nearly half a year ago which is quite a shame considering the name of this blog. But last Saturday this dry spell finally ended when we gathered for an awesome blind-tasting around the varietal Syrah. An exciting topic about a noble grape that is probably at home in the Northern Rhône but is nowadays planted on every corner of the planet, and we opened not less than 15 bottles to cover all aspects of it. Next to all the usual suspects that participated in the tasting, it was also a particular pleasure to welcome fellow blogger Barry who I only recently met in person. So Here are my notes on the wines in the order of the tasting. Every 4 bottles we uncovered and compared notes. I must say there were quite some surprises, but also a few wines that matched clichés’. Read the rest of this entry »

2001 Hattrick, Barossa Valley – Bis zum Hattrick hatte ich mit Australiern nix am Hut!


Mit australischen Weinen habe ich eigentlich nicht soviel am Hut. Ich habe zwar schon öfter welche getrunken, aber dies eigentlich ohne das Thema wirklich zu vertiefen.
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Es waren dann meistens marmeladige Fruchtbomben, oft aus dem bekannten Weingut mit P: Immer verlässlich was die Fruchtigkeit angeht, aber dafür leider auch irgendwie einseitig. Read the rest of this entry »

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