Sra Bua by Juan Amador, Hotel Kempinski Gravenbruch – bald ein neuer Stern im Frankfurter Restaurant-Himmel

Kein geringerer als Sternekoch Juan Amador steht im kürzlich eröffneten Sra Bua im Hotel Kempinski in Gravenbruch bei Frankfurt Pate. Er konzipiert einige Gerichte mit, segnet andere ab und stellt somit mehr dar, als nur ein werbeträchtiges Aushängeschild des Restaurants. (Im Berliner Pendant, das Restaurant Sra Bua im Hotel Adlon, steht übrigens Sternekoch Tim Raue Pate).

Doch hat das Sra Brua natürlich einen eigenen Küchenchef. Es handelt sich um Dennis Maier, der nach einigen Stationen, auch  im Ausland (Mallorca), zuletzt im Restaurant Freundstück des Ketschauer Hofs in Deidesheim, sowie davor in Juan Amador’s Hauptrestaurant in Mannheim tätig war. Qualitätsstandards auf Amador-Niveau können also problemlos eingehalten werden. Read the rest of this entry »

Germany Fine Dining News – Michelin generous with stars – Gault Millau crowns new Chef of the year

It’s that time of the year again when all restaurants in the World are being rated anew. In Germany, the two most important guides, Michelin and Gault Millau just published their new books, awarding many new stars and points to chefs all over the country.

Now there have been many blog posts about it, but as far as I can tell, there was none in English. So I thought it might be useful to wrap-up the essence of it for the international crowd. Read the rest of this entry »

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Juan Amador at Prêt à Dîner pop-up restaurant in Frankfurt

Juan Amador, the Spanish-German 3 star chef who recently gave up his restaurant nearby Frankfurt and now took over the reins in what used to be his second outlet in the city of Mannheim, was next to feature in Kofler‘s pop-up restaurant Prêt à Dîner within a just completed office building. We decided to return for the occasion, just a week after having indulged Matthias Schmidt’s creations within the same venue. Read the rest of this entry »

Matthias Schmidt at Prêt à Dîner Pop-up restaurant in Frankfurt


The Kofler catering company already had quite some success running pop-up restaurants, mostly in the hip German capital, Berlin. Now they moved on to other cities and recently opened Pret-à Dîner in the just completed but not yet occupied Frankfurt skyscraper Nextower. The restaurant and its “Tree house” bar operate there for 6 weeks, from Sept. 8th Oct. 15th, hosting several Michelin-starred and newcomer chefs during this time. Read the rest of this entry »