Farewell Wine-Tasting: Not a regular TGIF Night!


Last weekend we had what we then called a diablog meeting which is supposed to mean a wine-evening with fellow blogger and friend Didier who after a year in Germany is moving back to France. So diablog of course, because I am now blogging about those wines, and I am sure he soon will too he blogged about it as well. For the wine selection, there was no topic, so it was a chaotic mix of styles and types; not senseless though, just chaotic: Reds and Whites, aged and younger ones, French, German and even Swiss, Sweet and Dry. The only idea maybe behind one bottle was an ultimate test of courage for someone who was about to leave Germany: (really) aged Riesling. Otherwise it was more about having a good time. So of course, thanks Didier for having me over and also thanks Mizuki for the delicious Japanese dinner.

Mmmmh! Japanese Chili-Prawns!
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Some Künstler-Riesling Bottles re-tasted

With the sunny weather here in Germany (warmer than south of France and Spain actually, which is incredible), we were seduced several times to open a bottle. It was a nice occasion to re-taste some Rheingau Rieslings from Künstler and check on their current condition.

2001 Künstler Stielweg Riesling Spätlese trocken

The last time we had this one was in September 2005, I made a short note here (in German). It still had a nice fruity nose with a sweet touch of honey and apricot. Read the rest of this entry »

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VN Künstler 2004 Reichestal Riesling Kabinett (lieblich)

Ein Verlockender süßer Duft nach Orangenblüten. Am Gaumen eine cremige süß-säuerliche Textur, durch Ihren geringen Alkoholgehalt (7,5 %) an Traubensaft erinnernd, doch die orangige Note bleibt erhalten.
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Ein angenehm leichter Dessert- oder Aperitifwein.
Note: 89

Website Weingut Künstler

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Jahrgangspräsentation Weingut Künstler

Am gestrigen Sonntag waren wir bei der Jahrgangspräsentation des Weinguts Künstler in Hochheim / Rheingau. Der Besuch hat sich gelohnt. Insgesamt wurde aus 4 Jahrgängen gekostet und Read the rest of this entry »