1999 Cornas, Domaine A. Clape – Discovering Syrah at its best.


A few weeks ago I watched this episode of  WLTV, where Gary V’s guest,  Michael Madrigale, sommelier at Bar Boulud in NY, talks about his life and how he got into wine. I was particularly attentive when he explained how he finally discovered the wines of the Northern Rhône , a wine-region he didn’t understand at first, but is totally obsessed with now.  I was fascinated by the level of passion in his words and felt that I could clearly follow his reasoning on how his connection to Rhône wines developed.

While watching this, I also realized that my own experience with Northern Rhône is definitely limited if not non-existent (supermarket Crozes-Hermitage doesn’t do the appelation right I guess). And since passion can be contagious: right after the show, inspired by the praising of matured Syrah, I screened the web for interesting bottles. Read the rest of this entry »

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Deutsche Weinkönigin bei Vaynerchuck!

Als ich im Sommer ein paar Wochen unterwegs war, hab ich glatt eine nennenswerte Episode von Gary Vaynerchucks Wine Library TV Show verpasst. Was sag ich, nennenswert? Eher meinte ich historisch! Oder gab es je einen Auftritt einer deutschen Weinkönigin in englischsprachigen Medien?
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(ehrlich gesagt weiß ich es nicht) Auf jeden Fall fand ich es eindrucksvoll wie die noch amtierende Queen Marlies Dumbsky (hier auf Twitter) Gary Paroli bot in der Analyse dreier deutscher Riesling. Check yourself!