2010 Great Growths presented at Kloster Eberbach – a wild vintage!

Just a day after that VDP wine auction for the Rheingau region, I returned to Kloster Eberbach for the big public presentation of 2010 Great Growth wines of all VDP member estates. Since I missed previous opportunities to taste these wines, I was more than happy to attend this brilliant event.

The 2010 vintage didn’t have an easy start as numerous media already condemned it as a sour (white) wine vintage at a time when harvest wasn’t even fully brought in. And it’s true that for many of the estate’s basic Rieslings, qualities are rather heterogenous. For the Great Growths however, I read more and more opinons that are highly praising this new vintage, even putting it above last year’s great success. Read the rest of this entry »

5 year anniversary! :P


So last weekend my blog turned 5 ! And actually I wouldn’t even have realized it, didn’t I flip through my archives last week way back to the first post. Anyway, so I was in Berlin for the weekend doing some sight-seeing in our lovely capital and stopped by for a quick hello at Martin’s Berlin Riesling Cup 2010 event which was just going on.

And what luck, I just arrived at the right time participating for 2 flights that contained the top 3 wines of the evening! Happy Birthday to me I thought when I left, and thanks of course to Martin who’s probably the most relaxed wine lover I know.
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BMW und Dr. Bürklin-Wolf


Im Duett stellten das Weingut Dr. Bürklin-Wolf und der Autohersteller BMW vor einer Woche im gediegenen Ambiente des Wachenheimer Englischen Gartens ihre neuesten Produkte vor. Als Vorpremiere zur IAA stellte BMW den neuen 5er Gran Turismo zur Schau. B-W hingegen präsentierte als Vorpremiere zur VDP Gutswein Messe in Berlin seine PC’S und GC’s des neuen Jahrgangs 08. Interessante Konstellation? Auf jeden Fall. Read the rest of this entry »

Deutscher Riesling in neuer Dimension? German Riesling entering New Dimension?

Alarm! Alarm! Heute hab ich einen Blick in die neue Preisliste des Weinguts Dr. Bürklin-Wolf geworfen und mir ist vor lauter Schreck fast das Weinglas aus der Hand gefallen. 70 Euro kostet nämlich die Flasche Forster Kirchenstück. Und nur damit wir uns nicht missverstehen: 0,75l Inhalt hat diese. Ich glaube das ist der höchste Preis eines trockenen deutschen Rieslings den ich je gesehen habe. Oder doch nicht? Wie teuer ist ein G Max von Keller, oder ein Berg Rottland (Alte Reben Goldkapsel)von Leitz? Ich meine diese spielen eher in der 50 Euro Liga.

Nun wie dem auch sei, ich weiß auf anhieb gar nicht ob ich mich ärgern oder freuen soll? Im Endeffekt überwiegt aber Read the rest of this entry »

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Pfalz in June

Here are some pictures taken on a rather cloudy day within the vineyards of Forst in the Mittelhaardt.
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Forst is a small winetown located inbetween Wachenheim and Deidesheim. All 3 names are well-known to wine-amateurs.
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The most prestigious single-vineyards in this part of the Weinstrasse are located in Forst though, such as:

Forster Ungeheuer (which means monster, but is actually the name of a historic personality in the region), Forster Pechstein, Forster Jesuitengarten and Forster Kirchenstück.

Of course, the vineyards of Wachenheim and Deidesheim are also top sites, and winemakers would say that it is a question of taste and preference in the end, but still the sites of Forst are the most famous.
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