2005 Trousseau, Domaine Rolet, Arbois – hip juice from Eastern France!

Nowadays in New York, if you want to be a hip wine drinker, probably something like a wine-hipster, or let’s just call it winester, there’s no way around Jura wines. Although in most parts of Europe you wouldn’t get a glass of Jura, most of the trendy wine bars and restaurants of New York feature a couple of those singular wines from Eastern France.

Well, luckily I had a chance to be “hip” before the Jura wave swept to Manhattan, when my friend Didier introduced me to the wines of his home region during a trip to Château Chalon. I even got to discover a damn good wine pairing: according to Didier, there’s no better match for a curry then a slightly oxydized Côtes du Jura, and he was probably right. Read the rest of this entry »

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