The Biking Brewer’s Column: 2010 Cuveé du Chateau by Brewery Van Honsebrouck (Kasteel)

Jeffrey Michael, also known as the Biking Brewer, has been exploring the World of craft brewing and everything tasty for a couple of years now. Originally from Pittsburgh, he’s been travelling in and outside the country with his bike in search of the most interesting brews. As a home brewer and certified beer judge he certainly has a few accurate words to share about the world’s favorite alcoholic beverage. This is his first post on Blind Tasting Club and I’m very excited to have him here.

This style of beer, a Belgian Quadrupel, admittedly isn’t one of my go-to drinks, as I’m a fan of mostly clean, lighter beers (usually German), but as a certified BJCP judge I need to practice with all styles, and so, I present to you this review of the 2010 Cuveé du Chateau by Kasteel. I love Kasteel’s Rouge, probably my favorite fruit beer with its heavy dose of cherry extract, so I recognize I’m biased heading into this tasting, expecting to be at a minimum pleased, which is contrary to some homebrew tasting gauntlets where I assume I’ll leave more dissatisfied than when I arrived. Expectations are a real factor in all judging scenarios, so I find it important to note. Read the rest of this entry »

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