Château de Lascaux junior and senior


Admittedly, we are comparing the top wine and the entry level wine of this Languedoc estate which isn’t really logical, but it doesn’t matter. Actually it’s not really comparing in a quality sense, but maybe just seeing how far of a way the older one has come. Read the rest of this entry »

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2000 Châteaux de Lascaux „Les Secrets“, Côteaux du Languedoc


Of course there were also non-corked bottles for Christmas. This 2000 Cuvée Les Secrets from Château de Lascaux was superb. Tannins were softened after 7 years but fruit was still there.
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Secondary aromas such as garrigue flavours gave the wine complexity.
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Really a nice Cuvée made of Syrah and Grenache underlining once again the ageing potential of selected Languedoc wines.
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Château de Lascaux, Côteaux du Languedoc

(Sommer 2003)
Wenn man von Montpellier aus 2O Minuten Richtung Ganges fährt und dann den Pic St Loup vor Augen hat liegt man schon Richtig. Man muss nur noch ein paar Kilometer durch die herrlich duftende Landschaft fahren und man kommt in das kleine gepflegte Oertchen Namens Vacquière. In diesem Dorf gibt es neben den Winzern die für die Genossenschaft anbauen, auch Read the rest of this entry »

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