Another Blogger standing in line at Burger Joint in Parker Meridien Hotel, Midtown NY


Yes I know, this place has been covered by many and only most recently by Trine from Very Good Food (I think I ate there before her tough, she’s just more of a genuine live-blogger), but that’s probably the reason I had to try it out as well. Mostly positive reviews I heard about this Burger Joint, some even stating they make the best burger in the city. Read the rest of this entry »

Sinful Sandwiches Showcased !


Sandwiches are sexy! Maybe they’re the incarnation of quick and sinful eating.
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First because I can’t think of an ingredient that you couldn’t put into a roll of bread, and secondly because nearly anyone can compose a delicious sandwich to his taste even if he pretends not being able to cook.
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Thus anyone can make his own sinful sandwich.

And if you’re not convinced by the appeal of sandwiches, check out Scanwiches, some kind of sandwich food porn blog. I picked up this link when watching todays Ehrensenf show, an daily German online show presenting interesting findings from the WWW.

By the way, the picture above shows one of my sandwich creations, well burger creations (same thing right?) I once made. Salmon burger with selfmade basil-mayonnaise, and homemade buns… That was a hell of a work for one sandwich I basically ate in 3 minutes.
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Thank God it can be easier.

Fatty Crab, NY


You might ask yourself why I post such a sketch-like article with pitiful pictures about a restaurant that has been reviewed in much thorough and brighter ways by many other blogs. Well, it’s just that this blog isn’t only for sharing experiences in a preferably elegant way, it sometimes also needs to Read the rest of this entry »