Vinocamp Session – Vergessene Rebsorten der Champagne

Endlich habe ich die Gelegenheit meine ersten Eindrücke vom Vinocamp digital zu verewigen. Der Einfachheit halber fange ich chronologisch einfach von hinten an, mit einer tollen Session zum Thema Champagner und seine Rebsorten, hervorragend organisiert und geleitet von Nicola Neuman (Firma Noble Wine), sowie Weinblogger Markus Budai (Budi’s Foodblog), denen ich an dieser Stelle gleich ein riesiges Dankeschön aussprechen will! Read the rest of this entry »

Happy New Year 2012! Back on with the family Christmas meal

Pre-Christmas test-dish. Scallops carpaccio on white risotto with Périgord-truffle.
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Finally back online in 2012 and there’s lots to report still from the last 10 days of 2011. But first of all: a Happy New Year to all friends and readers, with lots of  health, love and success! I hope you all had a good start with chilled wine and loud fireworks, I certainly did. My instant thought was that this is the first year ever where the numbers actually sound good, right? TWENTY-TWELVE ! First time in my life also such an unusual thought is crossing my mind, I swear. So 2012 just has to become a great year and maybe a great wine vintage as well.

But now back to 2011 for a few posts. I think I stopped blogging a day before Christmas. So let’s pick it up there with the Christmas dinner I cooked together with my brother and parents. Read the rest of this entry »