Besuch bei Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa, Kalifornien

Aus Kalifornien kommt nicht nur potenter Wein. Nördlich von San Francisco, mitten im Weingebiet Sonoma (liegt direkt neben Napa) befindet sich ganz nebenbei die wohl berüchtigste Mikrobrauerei der USA: Russian River Brewing. In der Stadt Santa Rosa ansässig, hat sie sich in den letzten Jahren einen Namen für feinste Biere belgischer Machart, aber auch aller anderen Stilrichtungen, aufgebaut. Als Mittel zum Zweck werden nicht nur eigene Hefekulturen aufgebaut, sondern für die Reifung auch gebrauchten Weinfässer verwendet.
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Eine Brauerei im Weingebiet – hier schliesst sich also der Kreis. Read the rest of this entry »

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At the European Beer Bloggers Conference (Part 1) – Visiting Leeds Brewery

Well, first of all, some of you readers might be surprised this post is about beer, after all this is supposed to be a “wine and dine” blog! But I am not a militant wine-drinker (although a quite passionate one) and generally, I like everything that tastes good, including good beer. Plus, most of wine-drinkers I know like their occasional glass of beer, be it to soothe their taste-buds. Read the rest of this entry »

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A craftbrew Tour through the Eastcoast Part 2


A few days later we resumed our road trip heading South under the most apocolyptic rains. Our goal was the famous Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware, one of the precursors of the modern microbrew scene. On this picture you can see the wooden Tanks made of Paraguayan Palo Santo wood. They contain the Palo Santo Ale which has an awful wood aromatic. A shame since those tanks have cost a small fortune to build. But that’s only my palate striking here and I do like that Dogfish Head isn’t scared to experiment. Clearly a few very interesting beers have come out of this spirit. Read the rest of this entry »

A craftbrew Tour through the Eastcoast Part 1


Right after my arrival in NY, my friend Jeff and I picked up a rental car to tour craft breweries on the East Coast.

Yes, you heard right: Beer! Read the rest of this entry »

You know what I did last Weekend…


A weekend without a drop of wine it was! Maybe a drop of beer though… or two!

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Last Stopover: Munich

Every Winedrinker needs a break. Good opportunities come up in Bavarian beer gardens for example. Here the Seehaus in the Englischer Garten in Munich just after a light shower.

Or at the Augustinerkeller beergarden where I was sitting on Franz’ place, sorry bout’ that Franz! (German Stammtisch-culture at its best) Read the rest of this entry »