Magnificent Magnums for New Year Part 3 – 2008 Riesling Alte Reben, Van Volxem, Saar

Of course, for our New Year’s Day magnum bottle extravaganza, we also had to have Riesling. And since that grape is such a big topic on this blog and also a personal favorite, we directly included 2 bottles. One from the Saar region, and one from the Mosel, both from the same, fresh, 2008 vintage. Read the rest of this entry »

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1999 Hochheimer Stielweg Riesling “Alte Reben” Halbtrocken, Weingut Künstler, Rheingau


Das Weingut Künstler muss man ja gar nicht mehr vorstellen. Nur soviel sei noch einmal gesagt: Es gehört in Deutschland zu den Pionieren des “neuen” trockenen Rieslings. Aber dies schließt natürlich nicht aus, dass auf dem Weingut hochwertige restsüsse Weine erzeugt werden wie zum Beispiel dieser halbtrockene Riesling vom Hochheimer Stielweg.
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Storyboard of a Wine Evening


We started with this very well made Rheingau Sekt Edition M by Stefan Breuer. Dry but still lots of Riesling fruit and a rather coarse but refreshing mousseux.
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More Sekt than Champagne in style. 86 Read the rest of this entry »

2007 Künstler Vintage Presentation

Some of the fine vines of Hochheim

As every year, Künstler presented his newest vintage at the Estate in Hochheim. The sky was overcast, but it was warm and the thrill of the 2007 vintage allured guests on its own.
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Here are some of the wines I tried: Read the rest of this entry »

Leitz’ Rheingau Riesling Bombs

This was a Special day. After having tasted some of Robert Weil’s top wines at the 2006 vintage presentation, we had the opportunity to try 2 of Josef Leitz’ acclaimed dry Rieslings. Whereas Weil’s wines are well known since ages – they delivered many wines to royal families in the 19th century – Josef Leitz has only build up his reputation in the last years and did so with a totally different style of dry wines. Weil’s high-end dry Rieslings such as Gräfenberg generally appear very round and harmonious with fruit and a subtle minerality game ( The 2006 Kiedricher Gräfenberg Erstes Gewächs is much more closed than the 2005 and could be more of a long runner by the way ), whereas the  high-end dry wines of Joseph Leitz from Rüdesheim are rather presenting themselves as wild and powerful Riesling bombs! Read the rest of this entry »

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