San Sebastian

Food and San Sebastian are nearly synonymous words. One cannot get into one of the numerous bars of the old town without being confronted to huge amounts of delicious Pintxos (Basque word for Tapas) which are displayed on the counter, ready for being picked and eaten.

I seized the opportunity for trying one or 2 things I’ve never had befor like those angulas or baby eels. They actually don’t really taste like fish, rather like slightly sweet seafood.
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But most importantly they are pretty delicious

Then we had those Percebes. Mythic mussel which is being harvested by divers in extreme conditions since they are being found on the steep and rocky shores of the Atlantic where waves hit and break with fierce energy. They are quite difficult to crack open, or lets say the sharp edges of their claws can cut you under your finger nail if you’re not careful.
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The flesh is quite tasty though and justifies the effort.

Dried Hams are of course a must in each bar. Considering that one quality ham costs at least 300 Euro, most bars thus have quite some values hanging on their ceilings.

One exotic Pintxo creation chases the other.
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This was called Foie with mango and was in fact delicious duck liver with mango (of course).

Guests all leave their used tissues and dirt on the floor but that also seems to be part of the tradition.

One last sunset. Next stop is Madrid!

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