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Back On!

Reims Cathedral as an appetizer …

I just came back from a very enjoyable road trip that took us through France, Spain and Southern Germany and after several weeks of internet abstinence I am happy to slowly go through all the fellow blogger posts I missed during that time.

Our trip focused mainly on the discovery of landscapes and cities we haven’t been to yet and not so much on haute cuisine. But of course, although I didn’t stop at any 3 star restaurant or some top tier winery during my trip, I indulged (and forced my co-travellers to indulge)sufficient culinary variety to satisfy my curiosity and I am naturally eager to share some of those encounters on my blog those coming days and weeks.

For now, just a quick pic of the first thing I had to jump on while arriving in France, in a random bistro in Reims: onglet with fries, or let’s just say “steak-frites”. Onglet is a type of meatcut that is quintessentially French and not common at all to German butchers for example. But this is what makes me happy: the details that change when entering another country. And meatcuts is probably one of those small things that change that many tourist probably don’t take notice of at all. But it is also a philosophy on its own anyways and I guess you could probably draw the world map anew if you consider the variety of butcher culture and meatcuts.

… and Onglet as main course :=)

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