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Winzerfest in Nierstein am Rhein, Rheinhessen

Last week a few friends and I took the train for Nierstein for the good reason of attending the so called Winzerfest which is being held there. What insiders and the handful of readers of this blog already know: Nierstein is a small wine village just next to the fantastic Roter Hang vineyard and is a home to a few up and coming estates of Germany. So attending a Wine Fest there cannot be such a bad idea! Here are some impressions!

Church tower in the pittoresque town of Nierstein.

One of the up and coming estates: Schneider!

A good recommendation: mineral, lean and yet with enough fruit!

Also an up and coming estate. The Auflangen is a more fruity wine but still dry and with balance! Bargain alarm!

Always those groupies running into the pic! :P

This Silvaner from Schätzel is a very light yet tasty white wine. Perfect for hot summer days!

Quick Wine Tasting offered to us by the young owner of the estate, Kai Schätzel. Rheinschiefer represents his basic Riesling, very juicy and mineral and simply so enjoyable. Ideal for evenings with friends. An everyday jewel.
Pettenthal is his premium Riesling from the Roter Hang. A very special vineyard. I felt very lucky to get a sneak peak of his new vintage which is being released for sale in September only! A true beauty! Fruit, Minerality, Weight, balance, herbs! Don’t miss out on this one! Also a bargain compared to the big names’ prices.
BTW, a true discovery for me was his single vineyard Sylvaner, Hipping. Just so lean and still full of flavour. Rarely had such a moment with a Sylvaner!

Cellartour at Schätzel


The old cellar is permanently moist due to a water vein crossing the soil.


mold quickly covers the bottles in this environment.


We thus felt lucky to spend the rest of the evening at this estate where we got a very warm hearted welcome.


This event will definitely also be on our calendar next year.

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  1. Christian G.E. Schiller Said,

    Lovely posting. I missed the Winzerfest. But I was at the Niersteiner Rote Hang Weinfest a few months ago and have reported about it here. http://www.schiller-wine.blogspot.com/2010/08/wines-of-roter-hang-red-slope-in.html I fully agree with regard to G.A. Schneider, Schaetzel and Gehring: Up-and-coming winemakers!!

  2. alexis2 Said,

    Thanks Christian! Was at the Roter Hang myself as you already know. It is just an amazing event. I read your post, very thorough and insipring, but shouldnt we leave the Roter Hang a secret tipp? :P

  3. Susanne Schneider Said,

    THANKS for the compliments!!!
    We are happy that you liked our “Riesling from Kalk”

    If you are interested in News around our Wines and the Winery,we would be happy to welcome you as a fan in Facebook. (Look for “Winery Schneider”)

    Susanne Schneider

  4. alexis2 Said,

    mit Vergnügen! :=)

  5. Seabird Designs Said,

    … Blindtastingclub.net…

    […] Read More here: blindtastingclub.net/?p=1458 […]…

  6. Neues aus Nierstein — Blind Tasting Club Said,

    […] in diesem kleinen Stätdchen in dem sich ein Event an das nächste reiht: Weinpräsi im Roten Hang, Winzerfest, und und und.. Vor ein paar Wochen fand nun der Tag der offenen Winzerkeller statt. Bei schönem […]

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