New Year’s Eve Rieslings

There are many ways to end the old year and start the new one. But for many there is one constant: drinking Champagne or other sparkling wines. Is it the only acceptable beverage for celebrating? For us, Riesling turned out to be a great alternative. And if you think about it, the symbolism works: freshness and juiciness stand for rejuvenation or a new beginning. Exactly what we wish for. Plus we had some nice bottles to uncork:


2009 Schieferterrassen Riesling, Heymann-Löwenstein, Mosel – Compelling nose of gunpowder and yellow fruit for this still off-dry Mosel Riesling. Even flintier smell than its brother wine Vom blauen Schiefer.The wine doesn’t appear sweet, rather balanced out by the power of 13% alcohol (without feeling alcoholic). Acidity is so well integrated you would think it comes from the yellow fruit in the wine. Also great minerality that lingers on in a long finish. What a nice effort for this basis-wine of Heymann-Löwenstein. Unbelievable value for 13 Euro. 2009 was a blessing for wine-lovers. I’d say 91 points for this one.


2006 Kiedricher Gräfenberg EG, Robert Weil, Magnum Bottle – I kept this magnum for quite sometime and while I had this wine already a few times out of the regular bottle, this is the first time I try it out of the big format. Interesting since I really gained the impression it develops in a slightly different way than the smaller unit. Appears more elegant and balanced. Nose has some petrol in a very appealing way. On the palate, juicy and mineral, with several layers of flavour with nice fruit, good acidity and a very energetic presence. 92 Points!


2008 Kostheimer Weiss Erd, Weingut Künstler, Rheingau – Pale yellow colour with hints of green. Very different style compared to the Weil, more floral and feminine. Nose of lemon, apples and vanilla. All in a nearly perfume-like way, also reminding flowers and lawn. Same on the palate with a creamy texture thus reminding German Christmans cookies containing vanilla (Vanillekipferl), but not a fat wine, rather slim and mineral also still with a rather vibrant acidity. Long finish. Will surely be even better in a year or so when acidity is more integrated. This was a bargain since the Weiss Erd vineyard is a First Growth from 2009 on and as such worth a higher price. Definitely worth a search from the 08 vintage. (Eine VKN in deutsch mit der ich vollkommen einverstanden bin gibt es bei den Bloggerkollegen hier )


2009 Reinschiefer Riesling, Weingut Schätzel, Rheinhessen – Again a young Riesling from the pristine 2009 vintage. This is a basic terroir-wine from the young winemaker Kai Schätzel, which doesn’t mean it’s a simple wine. Well it’s not a first-growth-like blockbuster either but rather a fun wine full of fruit, minerality and spice. The Terroir of the Roter Hang clearly shows without making it serious or intellectual. Still young and won’t mind being left in a corner for a few months.


2009 Nahestein Riesling, Schlossgut Diel, Nahe – Cool and mineral would be an ultra-short description for this wine. Fruit shows after a while, but with abundance of aciditiy and minerals this is meant to be a refreshing wine for stone-lickers. Will improve over the next years but everyone loved its refreshing touch.

So once again, Happy New Year to everyone!

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