Sip Wine Bar in Seminyak, Bali


Bali is an island with a gastronomic variety I wouldn’t have imagined beforehand. Not only can you get exotic Balinese specialties or excellent seafood, but you can also find a good amount of Western restaurants.

One of them is a French restaurant in Seminyak serving excellent brasserie foods and French classics, even by French Standards.

We decided to visit Sip Wine Bar in Seminyak for our New Years Dinner on the island and weren’t disappointed by this lucky pick!

Interior with some typical French brasserie elements including the bottle trophy collection

We started off the meal with Australian Sparkling Wine. My first ever! Dry and with a nice bubble but with a slightly too high acidity for my taste.

Delicious Crab Ravioles with a hearty succulent Lobster Sauce. This Dish couldn’t be executed any better except maybe with some fresh truffles on top (Can’t have everything)

A bottle of 5 year old Australian Cabernet was the perfect escort for the main courses. Full bodied and powerful, yet with mellow tannins. Just right!

Impressive show how the very friendly and attentionate sommelier decanted the wine, even using a candle (which is technically not necessary for such young wines though)

Canard à L’orange, served deboned with orange filets. Simply a dream.

7 Hour Lamb couldn’t be more tender. Taste was a bit adapted to the South East Asian Palate with a slight cinnamon touch.

Côte à l’Os for 2 was perfectly seared and accompanied by luscious green pepper sauce and mustard sauce.

Red Balinese dessert wine. Yes there is wine in Bali and the sweet version tastes quite good.

Cointreau Soufflé with a shot of Cointreau on the side

Profiterolles. They wouldn’t taste any different in France.

The whole dinner was entirely satisfying. It’s been a long time since I had French bistro food that good. But it is also no surprise since the French chef has learned his art in some prestigious Parisian restaurants.
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Also the wine list is very nice albeit high priced (there are a few not too pricy bottles also though), but with one of the bigger selections on the island. The collection of empty bottles clearly reveals that some winelovers are in charge here.

So if you’re on vacation in Bali and need a break from the local foods, or are simply craving some French cuisine. This is the place to go! By the way there are many more classic dishes on the menu like Escargots, home-made Foie Gras, Cassoulet and even Andouillettes!

Sip Wine Bar
Seminyak Street No. 16A
Kuta 80361 – Bali
Phone: (0361) 730 810

For a report with more pictures check out this blog post by Ollie Rachmat. I forgot to take pics of the storefront.

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    L`art de vivre

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    ich geb mir Mühe! ;)

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