Restaurant Buchholz, Mainz-Gonsenheim


No one would guess that the small village Gonsenheim -a suburb of Mainz- would shelter such a gourmet restaurant. But I stumbled on it in the web and we found our way. Frank Buchholz is a young chef who among other stations worked at Tantris in Munich and Marquesi in Milano and has now settled down in this renovated peasant-style house. His cooking is modern, with Mediterranean influences, but also emphasizing regional ingredients like white asparagus or game meat.
The ambience is relaxed as is the staff, the light-flooded dining room creates a perfect frame for a great dinner.
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I could only advise you to give this restaurant a try, you won’t be disappointed. The execution of the dishes was flawless and nearly every course delicious.

different kinds of salts for the bread

with compliments of the kitchen

scallop-carpaccio with truffle-vinaigrette and potatoe-mousse: fresh and earthy with a touch of acidity, the potatoes maybe a bit too creamy

pulpo-canneloni with ricotta-artichoke ravioli and balsamic olive vinaigrette. genuine pulpo taste in the canneloni and really loved the acidity of the vinaigrette with tomatoes and olives as a contrast.

First wine: 2007 Ruppertsberger Linsenbusch by Christmann and a direct recommendation – incredibly luscious of fruit and with a nice strucure – gotta visit the estate soon.

nicest neutralizer I had in along time: apple sorbet with celeri and mangoes

Maibock (deer) cooked in dough with purée of celery and peach crêpes – so tender

pre-dessert with compliments of the kitchen

Rhubarb 2 ways with strawberry sorbet and elder – yummy, especially with…

…this Pius Beerenauslese from Keller with a nice acidity to counterbalance the fruit

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  1. BerlinKitchen (guest) Said,

    WOW, das sieht richtig gut aus! Und dann noch ohne Molekular-Firlefanz.

    Unglaublich, da gab es schon eine 07 Beerenauslese von Keller?!

  2. alexis2 Said,

    Ja war auch echt lecker und tadellos zubereitet, da gab es nix zu reklamieren.
    Ja die BA haben sie wohl erst seit kurzem im Programm, schmeckt in Ihrer jugend aber schön frisch fruchtig und hatte ne gute Säure.
    Unser zweite Wein (ohne Foto) war übrigens ein Weisburgunder S von Wittmann, ein fetter runder Wein mit viel Schmelz, hat gut zum Fleisch gepasst, die roten auf der Karte waren mir alle zu jung (deutsche Spätburgunder) oder eben Topweine aus dem Ausland und dementsprechend teuer.

  3. ChuckEats (guest) Said,

    how are the wine lists in German restaurants, particularly for riesling?

  4. alexis2 Said,

    Hi Chuck, what do u want to know exactly? In general restaurants in Germany have a rather good selection of Riesling, and its also the part where the biggest bargains/discoveries can be made. If you go to a restaurant in a wine region, for example the Rheingau, some restaurants will even have huge Riesling lists.


  5. Barry (guest) Said,

    Hi Alex…sounds very good..and just down the road from me…will give it a try….that was presumably the menu you ate..
    you mentioned young Spätburgunder..are we talking about Vintage 2005?


    PS…send me your email address..can’t find it on your blog

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