Looks delicious!


..and tasted delicious! I’ve never eaten tripes that good before. Well, maybe I’ve never eaten them before, I’m not so sure. Those were served at Koehler Ruprecht estate in Kallstadt during the local wine fest. Really tender and with such a hearty and delicious sauce they were just splendid.
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We also had some of those buddies, very fresh as if there was a hidden ocean somewhere in the Pfalz.
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And of course, for a local touch on our plates, we could’nt miss out on the Saumagen, the infamous local specialty and favorite dish of former German chancelor Kohl.
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It was also delicious, and I can only recommend everyone to keep your eyes open for upcoming events in this estate (btw, all dishes were prepared by the estates’ own restaurant “Weincastell zum Weißen Roß”)

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  1. Luxeat (guest) Said,

    Glad to know that you enjoyed them, although i don’t think i will ever dare them ;)

  2. alexis2 Said,

    Haha, maybe with a little spinach on the side? ;) I dared myself for those, but they were more than just edible in the end! That said, it wouldnt be an every day dish for me either!

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