Weekend Escape to Sardinia

Thanks to Ryanair, a spontaneous weekend getaway to Sardinia isn’t so much out of reach. There are several connections from Continental Europe serving the charming city Alghero on the West-side of the island, and with a little bit of luck with timing one might be able to get those cheap seats. Then, a few hours of hardiness during the trip and you’re already in sunny Sardinia.


Alghero is a quiet yet colorful city with an interesting historical background. Lots of Catalan elements are to be found, remainders of the island’s past colonization.

Sunset Alghero

Just before sunset in Alghero.

Ristorante Il Pavone ALghero

Of course the sun alone doesn’t make a trip to Sardinia complete. Or in other words: what better use of the sun then having it shine on your head during a meal? We had a nice lunch on the terrace of Ristorante Il Pavone on Piazza Sulis. I particularly enjoyed their Amuse Bouche plate..

Sepia ink pasta with goat cheese
…as well as the pasta course. Sepia ink pasta with goat cheese was luscious!


Torbato, an autochton white varietal from the Alghero area, here as Terre Bianche by Sella & Mosca winery. It shows very dry but also aromatic and mineral, a perfect match with seafood dishes. Also interesting: Sardinian wine lists are extremly customer-friendly when compared with prices at home. One can get bottles from 15 Euro on, and most are priced at around 20 Euro, and there wasn’t one disappointing wine among the ones I tried.

Sunset-scenes in Alghero.

Tresnuraghes beach

The beach of Tresnuraghes, a village close to Bosa, an hour South of Alghero.

Trattoria Desogos Cuglieri

Eating at Trattoria Desogos in the small village Cuglieri. Simple pleasures.

Alghero again.

Cannonau, the most popular red varietal of Sardinia which actually is none other than a synonym for Grenache, displayed here in front of a plate of Cinghiale, braised boar. I very much enjoyed these reds and was surprised by their level of “seriousness” with fruit, structure and quite some depth, and again coming at a more than fair price in restaurants (this one for 25 Eur).

Hotel Maison Tresnuraghes

View from the roof-terrace of our hotel, Maison Tresnuraghes which is located in the center of the village Tresnuraghes.

Hotel Maison Tresnuraghes

A perfect retreat, newly renovated, friendly staff, great breakfast.

Hotel Maison Tresnuraghes

The hotel is composed of a few ancient houses within the village that have been unified and renovated for the purpose.

Hotel Maison Tresnuraghes Room

View from the room.

Arrivederci Sardegna!

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