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NY Quick Eats

IMG_7232 - Kopie
Mamoun’s on St. Marks

Mamoun’s Falafel, probably one of the best in NY, definetely one of the most famous. Maybe Maoz has the better bread, but if I had both shops next to each other I’d probably always go for Mamoun’s.


On the Chinatown side of NY, I got inspired with this very well made cheap eats guide. Since Chinatown was just a few blocks away from the place I stayed at, I went there a couple of times for lunch.

IMG_7314 - Kopie
Wah Fung’s Roast Pork on Rice
IMG_7329 - Kopie

Wah Fung on Chrystie Street is known for serving gigantic portions of delicous caramelized and crispy roast pork on rice. Gigantic also considering the ridiculously low price of only 2,25 USD. It made my day right before a long walk through downtown NY.

IMG_7739 - Kopie (2)
5 dumplings for a buck

Prosperity Dumplings on Eldrige Str. serves 5 dumplings for a dollar – hot and juciy. It’s a tiny place, but you’re definetely filled with happiness afterwards. We were also lucky to get a slice of freshly prepared Chinese pizza which ressembles a bit of pita bread, but warm and with scallions in it.

IMG_7465 - Kopie
Busy busy at Dogmatic

Dogmatic Gourmet Hot Dogs near Union Square used to be a (gourmet) hot dog street vendor (proof here). Recently they opened their ultra design storefront. After reading about it here and here (with video) I couldn’t resist and had to give it a try. I waited quite a bit (Maybe I was the only guy orderng lamb sausage with mint sauce?) but it was a good hot dog… If you could still call it a hot dog though!? French pain de campagne like bread, a meaty sausage opposed to the munchy soft and sweet bread and the undescribable consistency of a classic street hotdog? The gourmet sausage -as they call it – definetely tastes better, but what would NY be without its cheap street hotdog? But maybe I’m just asking myself too many questions…

IMG_7369 - Kopie
At some point you start feeling food-paranoiac in NY: it just keeps following you everywhere :) (this is just a random food truck, not Dogmatic)

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