Adriano´s Ragú


My friend Jeff’s roommate Adriano is sad. Soon he’s going to leave New York and head back to Italy. He said he’s really going to miss this place. One thing he’s not sad about though is finally coming back into a world of Italian food. Italian cooking is actually the one thing he constantly held on to during his 2 year stay in the city. And his roommates were pretty lucky since he’s a real pasta professional: he cooks sauces, keeps ‘em in the freezer, and eventually will prepare you perfect pasta dish in about 10 minutes. And it’s definitely better than any mac & cheese.
I had the pleasure to taste Adriano’s ragú on penne. That’s the typical Italian meat sauce for pasta. And even better: I got the recipe and can now replicate this dish whenever I want.

So here it is for all interested foodies:

You’ll need: Italian hot sausage (salsiccia piquante), baby pork rib eye, canned tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, salt &pepper, eventually some white wine.

First put olive oil in a pan with garlic and spices in a pot and turn the heat on. As soon as the garlic starts to become golden, take it out of the pot (might put it back later but not necessarily), and add sausage meat (cut open the sausage and take out the meat) and rib eye and let it get some colour. Then add the white wine if you want, let it cook in a little. Now you can put the tomatoes. Finally add some very thinly sliced potatoes, put on the lid and let it simmer for about 4 hours.
Thanks for this great recipe Adri!


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  1. adriano (guest) Said,

    Alex thank you for your remarkable introduction of me and my ragu! Just few things : The ragu` in this case was on rigatoni not penne, this just because rigatone is bigger than penna and can take more sauce inside. Another variable could be adding almost at the end (cos it doesnt take so long to cook) meat ball (polpette). Meat ball made of ground beef mixed with parsley and soft part of the bread (crumb). Then enjoy it!!!

  2. alexis2 Said,

    You’re the man Adri! And thanks for commenting!
    I will definetely enjoy it!


  3. BerlinKitchen (guest) Said,

    YUM, YUM

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