Welcome to my new site!


For wines it is sometime better to let them age a bit, and even a thick layer of mold doesn’t bother. But for my blog it was definetely time for a new look and more importantly: better functionality.

Hope you guys enjoy it. There are lots of things I want to change still, hopefully in the next weeks and not months or years. For now though, I’d be happy to hear your opinions.



Weine kann man manchmal unbesorgt altern lassen, und auch eine dicke Schicht Schimmel muss nicht schädlich sein. Für meinen Blog jedoch war ein neuer Anstrich längst fällig aber vor allem auch eine bessere Funkionalität.

Ich hoffe es gefällt Euch. Es gibt noch einige Baustellen die ich so langsam in Angriff nehmen werde. Aber im Moment freue ich mich nur auf Euer Feedback.

Euer Alex

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Categories: Misc
  1. Barry Said,

    I know that cellar….
    well…one like it.

    You are never too old to change Alex…and a new broom sweeps clean…

    The new Blog looks good….
    but the old saying goes…better to watch a good football team in a bad stadium….than a bad team in a good one.

    I will be watching…if your quality suffers…I’ll let you know(smile)

    So…got all that out of the way….
    when is the Christening?


  2. alexis2 Said,

    Thanks Barry ! I’ll try my very best. Maybe the nicer stadium will motivate me! ;) Christening? Hmm.. Why not. I’ll keep you updated on that. :)

  3. BerlinKitchen Said,

    1 mit Mappe!

  4. alexis2 Said,

    Danke Martin! :)

  5. Trine Said,

    Hey Alex
    Congrats on your new cool site! :-)

  6. alexis2 Said,

    Thanks Trine! :)

  7. TheBikingBrewer Said,

    Awesome new site man! I’m glad you’re good at making these things :)

  8. alexis2 Said,

    Thks man! Great to read a comment from you Jeff! Take care on your ride! :)

  9. Luxeat Said,

    Congratulations, very nice site!

  10. alexis2 Said,

    Thanks a lot, Aiste! :)

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