Oh Caroline! What a punt!


Now that is quite impressive! After having indulged Diel’s Cuvée Caroline Pinot Noir for Christmas I was really intrigued by the calibre of the bottle. Actually I was really intrigued with the bottle even before we drank it since it has one special detail you notice when you hold it in your hands.

One shockingly deep punt (or cul de bouteille in Fench). Of course, the punt serves for the stability of the bottle and is particularly helpful in case of a big depot at the bottom of it, but that size surpasses all engineering reasons and can only have been meant for sheer aesthetics!

Sure, it is very easy to hold the bottle that way, you couldnearly fit your entire hand in it, but the risk is big that the consumer will have indelicate thoughts. But on the other hand: wine isn’t meant to be well behaved and decent; always a wild side to it. So I really wonder what the winemaker’s thoughts were.. Is the punt a punt?

Also, once the bottle is empty, it still feels full. As heavy as if Rubens had painted it. I love that bottle! Bravo to Caroline!

PS: makes me think of one song….

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Categories: Germany,Humour,Misc,Nahe
  1. Wine Rambler Said,

    Great punt! As it happens I recently bought the same wine and I am planning to drink it at some point in January or February. The bottle is impressive indeed, but with the wine still in there I had no chance to inspect it properly…

  2. Vimpressionniste Said,

    Alex, get your fingers out of Caroline!!
    Man, that’s deep!! Reminds me of a bottle I encountered in China, just as deep but even wider…

    I guess the main reason you see deep punts nowadays is that when one makes the bottle larger, it should still only contain 750ml and the difference has to be removed from somewhere..

    Still, it makes for very entertaining innuendos.. especially when the bottle is named after the winemaker’s daughter :)

  3. alexis2 Said,

    Plan in a substantial decant, Torsten. Curious to read your opinion about it.

    Didier, get YOUR finger out of the bottle, that is so wrong! You’re a winepe…. ! :P

    I guess your explanation makes sense. Also, I guess when the bottle glass is thick, the punt has to be thick as well for ensuring stability I assume.
    Concerning the depot, have you read about this new innovation by Spanish 3 star chef Berasategui ? He invented a “freak punt” ! check http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/jan/03/spanish-chef-wine-bottle-invention

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