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Impressions from Dublin

Some impressions from a 2 day trip to Dublin

An interesting mix of old, industrial and modern characterizes some parts of the city
The typical Irish breakfast can leave a bad impression if it’s as greasy as I had it
Molly’s Chocolate stout is a little less dry than Guinness – served at O’Neils Bar
Temple bar Market Oyster Stand – always on saturday
Their Gigas Rock Oysters are the best oysters I had in a long time. The rye bread was awesome
Shucked by the producer himself – he makes sure you only get the best!
Some fluorescent carrots ;P
A trip to Dublin cannot be complete without a visit of the Guinness museum
Just enough for a week
A Pint is included in the visit
The cultural input is limited but you get quite some explanations on beer brewing and a view into industrial architecture…
…as well as a nice panorama of Dublin from the rooftop bar
Interesting how real life and virtual life sometimes overlap!

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  1. Luxeat (guest) Said,

    The oysters look very nice..

  2. alexis2 Said,

    They were just fantastic. I think this is the first spot I’d crave to return if I travel to Dublin again! Funny how sometimes those simple down to earth spots are the best.

  3. Barry (guest) Said,

    and there was I..on a previous post…complaining of the lack of wine notes…and you were out there guzzling BEER!!!!

  4. alexis2 Said,

    Haha! Beer is the new Wine, didn’t you know? It’s the crisis! :P
    No seriously, investigating bout beer can be quite satisfactory also. It makes one realize that there’s a world out there besides industrial beer!
    But concerning wine tasting notes, they ll remain few during the next weeks I think. I have a few on hold, but with only little written down about em!

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