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La Pariolina Pizza & Cucina in Rome

A one night layover in Rome and it was my first time in this city. Luckily I had a few tips in my pocket. After a short walking tour (Our Alitalia flight was 3 hours late, so we had to skip a few landmarks) we took a cab and headed to La Pariolina, a pizzeria and restaurant located in Parioli, one of the nice bourgeois parts of the city behind the Villa Borghese park. The tipp came from Winepunk Marco Zanetti, a sommelier turned “terroirist”, importing indigenous grape wines to Germany and maybe soon to your country as well. The particular thing about this Roman pizzeria is that it not only offers a nice wine list, but also a great craft beer list. Beer friends among you might know that a huge microbrew wave has been hitting Italy these last years. So here are a few impressions and I can only say that it was a great place to stop by, not only for the beer but also for good food emphasizing quality ingredients and also for its great atmosphere with not many tourists.

Fritti at La Pariolina

We started with delicious mixed fritti, with Suppli, Arancini and Olive all’ascolana. The only complaint would be that one is already quite stuffed before the main course. But who to blame but myself?

Caccio e pepe

The fresh made potato chips “Cacio e pepe” covered with grated Pecorino and ground pepper are chips made in heaven!

Fluvi Ale Italian Beer

The beer list is full of gems. I first enjoyed this Fluvi-Ale, which is the house beer: smooth and full of flavor. It is produced by the famous craft brewery Birra del Borgo. It is foremost made for another Roman location: Porto Fluviale.

Pizza Bianca with Zucchini Flowers

As a main course I had this beautiful pizza bianca with zucchini flowers and anchovies. The dough was great, but maybe it lacked a little flavor kick on top. I could have added some chili or olive-oil, you might say.

Scarampola IPA

This Italian Pale Ale (IPA) had it all and was foremost incredibly balanced.You couldn’t tell that it actually is a fruit beer containing grapefruit unless you read it on the menu. A truly great beer by Birrifica Scarampola

La Pariolina Beer List

Check out the beer list, and there’s a second page too! The wine list is equally sized and full of interesting bottles as well.

Interior La Pariolina

La Pariolina was definitely a great pick with good ingredient-based food in a relaxed atmosphere. Will be on my list for my next trip to Rome as well! Thanks Winepunk!

La Pariolina Pizza & Cucina
Viale dei Parioli, 93
Phone: +39 06 808 6002

Open every day for lunch 12:30 pm – to 3:00 pm
and dinner 7:00 pm to 1:00 am

Impression La Pariolina

Impression at La Pariolina in Rome

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