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Touchdown in Kuala Lumpur


As I was boarding the plane which would take me to Kuala Lumpur, cravings for Malaysian food which I tasted last March suddenly came back to haunt my mind. Luckily Malaysian Airlines serves the typical Nasi Lemak dish for breakfast shortly before landing. I knew that airline food is always very far from reality, but for me this was a real smoth re-introduction. The rice was heavily perfumed with coconut, the Sambal was medium spicy and the chicken curry rather sweet and fruity. Ikan Bilis (Dried Fish) and peanuts give it a special crunch and a contrasting flavor. Only the hard boiled egg was disgusting reminiscent of plastic foods in Louis De Funes famous movie. What the String beans were doing there is kind of a mystery. I guess the plate would have looked less colourful without them.


But this airline food wouldn’t have been a smooth transition if I I didn’t have the real deal for dinner. At Shah’S in Bukit Bintang some of the best Nasi Lemak in town in served. It was indeed delicious and a clear step ahead of Malaysian Airlines’. You can Judge by yourself from the picture alone.


Oh and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t challenge my Malaysian friends with terribly hot sauces I brought from Germany. Yes there were tears of pain and shame ;=)


Finally I would even less be me if I didn’t bring a piece of Riesling heritage for my brother and overseas friends. I vacuum-packed some bottles of basic stuff just in case they’d break inside my suitcase. Thank Dyonisos they didn’t! Those babies will go very well with all the Malay Food. Asian dishes are definitely a safe match for many Riesling wines!

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