Involtini alla Romana

There are flavour combinations that can not fail. Veal with sage, Parma ham, white wine and cream is such a one. No wonder it’s a classic in Italian cuisine: it is known there under the name Involtini alla Romana, where involtini means roll. But a better known name for this combination of ingredients is Saltimbocca alla Romana. The main difference there is that the veal is laid out flat like a Schnitzel and not rolled.
Well, anyhow, Involtini has also become a recurring dish in our kitchen. Not only because of the killer flavours, but simply because it is easy and quick to make, actually something you wouldn’t expect from a dish tasting that good! Your guests might think you were standing in the kitchen for 3 hours to yield such flavours. Here’s my quick photo report recipe:


First of all, you need a nice bunch of fresh sage leaves, some nice thin cut veal filets (the one they use for Schnitzel in Vienna), some Parma ham (but any other cured/dried raw ham would do the job just fine), white wine for cooking, some Crème Fraiche. Some chopped shallots and a garlicclove wouldn’t be wrong either.
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Involtini means rolled, and most often the rolls are fixed with small skewers or toothpicks, but if you’re a little careful, just folding them works well (the searing will do the sealing :P) Lay the veal fillets out flat, add salt and pepper and a few sage leaves, then lay out one slice of ham and fold-in the ends. Chop some shallots and peel a garlic clove ( Don’t chop it. We only need a slight garlic touch and that way you can take it out later).Then, heat up a pan!


When the pan is really hot, add some butter and brown the involtini on both sides.
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Add the minced shallots and the garlicclove but before they get burned, pour in a glass of white wine or two, maybe a dry Riesling or even better: a dry Italian white. Let it reduce a few minutes, then turn down the heat and stir in a few spoons of Crème Fraîche. Add salt and ground pepper to taste.
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So here it is on the plate, served with some mâche salad. Please excuse the bad pic quality: I was really hungry at that point! :=)

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