Gyoza and Sake Evening

2011-06-25 20.51.51

I proudly present to you: the first bottle of Sake I ever bought! A Honjozo Sake by the Urakasumi Sake brewery in Myagi, made of Manamusume rice polished to a remaining 65% of its size, and displaying 15% of alcohol. Got it?

Honjozo is the lowest type of premium Sake with added alcohol ( the ones without added alcohol being called Junmai). The polishing degree for Honjozo should be at least 70% (meaning that 30% of the rice grain is scraped off).

I wasn’t sure how it would taste since the nomenclature of Sake was and still seems a bit little like a riddle wrapped up in an enigma to me.

2011-06-25 20.11.59

Anyway, the evening was less about Sake since the actual purpose was to eat homemade Gyoza, the Japanese Ravioli (actually, the Japanese got inspired by the Chinese for this creation). And homemade in this case means that we filled and folded the ravioli ourselves.

It is easier than you might think. One needs the stuffing which commonly is a mix of ground pork with scallions and spices, but I guess anything is posssible there. Then you have to buy the small Gyoza dough sheets, typically available frozen and ready-to-use in your close-by Asia store.

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Here’s a video explaining how to fold the Gyoza. For the cooking, one has to fry them shortly in a pan on both sides befor adding a couple of spoons of water and steaming them (with the lid on of course). Et voilà!

2011-06-25 21.00.38

The outcome was delicious. Thanks a lot Masako and Andrea for this great evening and introduction to the great art of Gyoza-making!

Oh and by the way: the Sake went very well with the food. It is mild and tasty and has some kind of aromatic depth to it. I will try to have Sake more often from now on, especially when eating Japanese specialties.

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  1. Vimpressionniste Said,

    Don’t limit yourself to Japanese food! Sake is a great pairing for some of the popular “wine-killers” such as cucumber (amazing match!), asparagus, etc.
    As for sake, one that I enjoy very much and that is available in Europe (or at least in France) is Hakkaisan. Cheers!

  2. Blindtaster Said,

    Interesting! I guess Sake will fill up this empty space between wine and some dishes! :P Cucumber sounds great. This also goes well with gin! :P

  3. london eating Said,

    I haven’t any word to appreciate this post.Thanks a lot for sharing…. Looking forward to reading your next post.

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