“Freestyle” Leg of Lamb


This leg of lamb could as well be called Italian Style or Greek Style, or just Mediterranean Style I guess. Of course it is actually Leg of Lamb my way, but any time I do such kind of dishes I change some ingredient or deal with whatever is available at the moment. So there is none such thing as the one way I could call my way. Therefore I just opted for freestyle in the title.


So here’s the deal. I marinated this leg for one day (the longer the better of course) in rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil,(organic) lemon juice and (organic) lemon cuts. I also added juicy olives to the bowl as well as chunks of eggplant which I drained first with salt (to get rid of bitterness).


Before putting the leg in the oven I browned it in a pan, I also grilled the eggplants a little. I put the whole thing with olives, chunks of lemons and eggplants plus some cuts of yellow capsicum into a special oven bag, added the marinade, some white wine and a dollop of tomato concentrate. The bag is put on a tray with some water helping to cook it evenly (never forget to cut a small hole on top of the bag). The tray goes in the oven, approx. 2 hours, starting at 180 °C and ending at 160°C. The bag keeps the meat juicy. It would even be better to turn the leg around after 1 hour, but I omitted that step since I had to make a siesta hehe.

…after the bag has been cut open

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