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Lavinia Winestore, Madrid

After having spent some time in Madrid visiting museums and eating tapas, I was on my own for 2 days and had to find a meaningful occupation for myself. Since I already got my dose of art and architecture, I decided to become hedonistic and locate my favorite wine shop Lavinia which I already thoroughly inspected in Paris (they now have shops in Barcelona and Geneva also). Of course, I expected the Madrid mothership to also have a specimen of my favorite toy and I wasn’t disappointed. In the end I spent nearly 3 hours in the store, sipping what “the machine” had to offer. Here are my notes.

2007 Predicador Blanco, Rioja, Benjamin Romeo. A white cuvée made of Garnacha Blanca, Malvasia and Viura. Weird nose to me: rather floral but reminding cidre and furniture polish at the same time. A bit stinging on the palate, rather high acidity, some wax, slightly alcoholic, a little salty in the finish and a very good length. This is a totally untypical wine to me but I would also agree with you if you think my notes are a bit untypical too. Read the rest of this entry »

Spanish Reds Blind Tasting 2009 (ex Rioja & Ribera)

You and I know it; this blog calling itself a blind tasting blog recently generated far too many posts about food stalls and other dispensable topics digressing far away from the serious duty it bears to throw light on the successful and less successful outcomes of the art of winemaking. Yuck :=) … What I actually wanted to say is that it was really time again for a post justifying the name of this blog. And luckily it occurred that our friend Nick offered to host a blind tasting of Spanish red wines. There were 2 simple rules to follow: the bottles shouldn’t stem from any of the 2 main wine regions (Rioja and Ribera) and they shouldn’t be too old. No problem! Offer accepted! Naturally, as abiding by the official wine tasting protocol, all the bottles were properly covered and mixed before the tasting, thus allowing a fair comparison.


2002 Vietor y Leon Reserva, Valdepenas – Beautiful and brilliant colour. Nose is rather discrete, first only some hints of spice, later some plum fruit but never really getting intensive. Palate starts with light vanilla a.k.a. traces of barrel wood, goes on with Read the rest of this entry »

2001 Dominio Lasierpe Reserva, DO Navarra


Ein vermeintlich schön gereifter Rotwein aus Navarra entpuppt sich geradezu als solcher. Die Farbe liegt zwischen brillantem Rubin und Ziegelrot. In der Nase ein leichter Vanilleeinschlag der den Holzausbau verrät, jedoch gar nicht übermäßig erscheint. Darüber hinaus ein leichter Veilchenduft sowie Gewürznoten die mit viel Fantasie (;=)) an Ingwerpulver erinnern, und natürlich auch Read the rest of this entry »

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Spanische Rotweine von Oskar

Hier ein paar Notizen zu verschiedenen (verschieden Herkünfte, verschiedene Jahrgänge) spanischen Rotweinen, die wir an einem netten Abend probiert haben:

Senorio de Sarria Reserva 1989, Navarra

Ausgeglichene Nase mit leichten Vanilletönen, sowie Kirsche und erdige Noten. Sehr schöne Länge. Erinnert in seiner ausgewogenen, runden Art eher an einen Burgunder als an einen Bordeaux.

Casa de la Vina Reserva 1990, Valdepenas

Dieser Wein wird hauptsächlich aus der Cencibel-Rebe (ein anderer Name für Tempranillo)gekeltert. Er hat im Glas eine schöne dunkle Farbe. Sein Bukett wirkt leicht verschlossen. Am Gaumen fallen einem als erstes die vielen Tannine auf, die aber schön mit dem Wein verschmolzen sind. Anschliessend zeigt der Wein eine schöne beerige Frucht, überwiegend nach Himbeere schmeckend. Read the rest of this entry »