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Restaurant Ponte, Frankfurt – Tapas für Genießer!

Im studentischen frankfurter Stadtteil Bockenheim gibt es so manche Lokale von denen eben jene Studenten und ewig jung gebliebene gerne schwärmen. So kann es auch passieren, dass man das eine oder andere Restaurant gerne mal übersieht. Denn seien wir ehrlich: Wer traut schon Geheimtipps von Studenten wenn es ums Essen geht? (Mensa lässt grüßen). Ausserdem dachte ich, dass ich in der Ecke sowieso schon fast alles erlebenswerte kenne, aber so kann man sich irren. Read the rest of this entry »

Mangetsu Izakaya Restaurant, Frankfurt – Japanese Restaurants

We’re lucky to have  quite a big density of authentic Japanese restaurants here in Frankfurt. But beware! If I’m saying “authentic”, I’m judging by the abundance of Japanese guests rather than by my knowledge of the Japanese cuisine. In fact, I’ve never been to Japan. On the other hand, I some basic kind of way at least, I believe I can somehow tell the difference (I’m pretty sure though I know how real delicious Sushi tastes like!), and luckily a few Japanese friends also helped me with their judgements.

Mangetsu is located in the Bockenheim district of Frankfurt, not far from the trade-fair complex and parts of the university campus. It calls itself Izakaya-restaurant, because basically, that’s what it is. Izakaya means Sake bar and somehow represents the Japanese version of a tapas bar (some would hate me for that comparison I’m sure) where one is served a multitude of small plates to go along with drinks. Read the rest of this entry »

How can one not love Enomatics? (Seen at Gregorelli’s restaurant in Frankfurt)

…these charming little aluminium-wine-dispensing cubes! OK, I don’t want to make advertising for a brand that seems to be outrageously successful anyway these days, but I just have to say that it puts a smile on my face every time I see one of these guys. But of course, you also have to make good use of em, so maybe I should rather praise Gregorelli’s restaurant in Frankfurt for the good filling: a couple of blockbuster Italian wines, including Sassicaia and Tignanello. Read the rest of this entry »

Restaurant IImori, Frankfurt


Oops! Gerade habe ich bemerkt, dass ein paar unveröffentlichte Blogposts in der Warteschleife versauern. Dieser hier stammt von einem Besuch im Restaurant Iimori ende Februar dieses Jahres. Tja, das ist wirklich schon eine Weile her aber denke das ist noch im Rahmen und bevor das jetzt in den virtuellen Archiven verstaubt, dann doch lieber veröffentlichen. Read the rest of this entry »

Restaurant Leopold im Weingut Von Winning, Deidesheim


Nun kann man im Weingut Von Winning in Deidesheim auch ordentlich schlemmen, und das in sehr gediegenem Ambiente. Tatsächlich wurden wohl keine Kosten gescheut um die alte Remise mit den edelsten Materialien und Designobjekten auszustatten. Read the rest of this entry »

I ate up Momofuku Ssäm Bar!

Well, that’s obviously an exaggeration.


But during my stay in the city I at least had lunch or late lunch there 3 times and had quite a share of the menu. This adds up with all my previous visits at Ssäm Bar and Noodle Bar during my last trips. And I have to confess: I am still a fan of David Chang’s creative fusion food that is so full of sense. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to eat at Momofuku Ko, which is the fine dining restaurant. But for now here’s what I ate at Ssäm bar:

shigoku oysters (can) – kimchi. Beautiful, refreshing, stimulating, even provocative? This simple oyster shows how right fusion food can be when someone gives it Read the rest of this entry »