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All Posts related to ‘Argentina’

Pferd und Malbec!

Kein Pferdiggericht!

Was haben Pferd und Malbec gemeinsam? Eigentlich nicht viel, mit der Ausnahme vielleicht, dass kräftiger Rotwein in der Regel gut zu intensivem Fleisch passt. Es war natürlich eher der aktuelle (oder mittlerweile fast schon wieder abgehakte) Medienwahnsinn um die Pferdelasagne, der unseren Gastgeber Ilyan auf die Idee brachte, dem wahren Pferdegeschmack auf die Spur zu kommen. Eine guter Plan. Denn, zwar meine ich schon einmal irgendwann Pferd gegessen zu haben (nicht in der Lasagne), doch so genau kann ich mich weder an den Zeitpunkt noch an den Geschmack erinnern. Read the rest of this entry »

“Le Bistro du Dr. Wine” in Shanghai: To be enjoyed without prescription!

Le Bistro du Dr. Wine

Many laugh about Chinese wine culture, often bringing up the example of fine wine being mixed with Coke, but during my 7 days in Shanghai I did see no such thing. On the contrary, Shanghai even has a nice little wine scene, with a panoply of shops (many with the so loved Lafite wines as crown of their selection) and also a few very cosy wine bars. Two times we visited Le Bistro du Dr. Wine, a hip wine bar with bistro flair on Fumin road, it charmed us with its stylish yet unpretentious ambiance and an appealing wine list.
Read the rest of this entry »

Funky Labels: Three Thieves “The Show” Malbec, Mendoza

As wines have to be marketed more as brands in the US than in Europe, there are numerous colorful and funky labels to be found on the shelves. I spotted this one at a Whole Foods Store in Fort Lauderdale. Is it suggesting a funky rodeo-style Malbec? At least it reminds me that I have to drink a few more Malbecs soon.

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