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Impressions from Burgundy

On the First of September I attended a wedding in the heart of Burgundy while harvest was already in full swing. Besides celebrating the wedding in the church of Gevrey-Chambertin and having a toast on the couple with delicious wines in the Château de Marsannay, I was of course constantly surrounded by fantastic impressions of a legendary wine region. Unfortunately the sky was overcast – nevertheless, here are some pictures.






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  1. Robert-Gilles Martineau (guest) Said,

    Hi, there!
    Discovered you thanks to Luxeat!
    Great blog!
    Would you know my sister-in-law was born in Gewvrey Chambertin?
    My family lives in and around Chalon Sur Saone where we basically drink Cote Chalonnaise! My Japanese wife loves it, and I too, that is between two Japanese sake bottles from our Prefecture!
    My own brother holds his restaurant, Auberge du Moulin in Simandre, Bresse (the country of the blue-legged chicken!).
    The last picture reminds me of a picture I took near my dad’s home in Givry last August. But “grapillage” is not an issue there!
    Expect me to visit and comment again!
    Until then, prosit, sante, kampai!

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