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All Posts from December, 2011

Restaurant Ponte, Frankfurt – Tapas für Genießer!

Im studentischen frankfurter Stadtteil Bockenheim gibt es so manche Lokale von denen eben jene Studenten und ewig jung gebliebene gerne schwärmen. So kann es auch passieren, dass man das eine oder andere Restaurant gerne mal übersieht. Denn seien wir ehrlich: Wer traut schon Geheimtipps von Studenten wenn es ums Essen geht? (Mensa lässt grüßen). Ausserdem dachte ich, dass ich in der Ecke sowieso schon fast alles erlebenswerte kenne, aber so kann man sich irren. Read the rest of this entry »

Stilblüten: Fundstück des Tages!

Blind Tasting Club Adventsquiz: Wo ist der Fehler?

Weinkarten haben ja schon ein gewisses Unterhaltungspotential. Man muss nur konzentriert genug lesen, irgendwann findet man schon eine neue Stilblüte. Zugegeben: Dieser Weinkennerkauderwelsch kann ganz schön verwirrend sein, und dann hapert’s auch schnell mal mit der Orthographie. Oder ist dieses Beispiel auch so ein Ergebnis der neuen deutschen Rechtschreibung? Gesehen in einem frankfurter Kaffee.

Anima Negra, the black soul of Mallorca – Two Island wines next to each other

A few weeks ago we had these 2 “island wines” with our dinner. One from Mallorca, the other from Sardinia. First the  ÀN/2 : the thought that instantly crossed my mind when I took a sip was that this represents the kind of Spanish wine that interests me most nowadays. Indeed, I somehow got bored of the traditional Rioja and Ribera stuff, which are made in such standardized ways that it gets hard to see the difference between one and another. At least that is how it seems to me and I definitely need a break of those for a few months at least. Nevertheless, I still keep some in my cellar, because I know the right moment for those will come again. And thank God they can age! Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Italy,Spain

Recent Blog Reads – Nov/Dec 2011

As you might have guessed already by reading the title, I decided to start a new category of postings entitled “Recent Reads” featuring links to other blog’s postings that attracted my attention. Of course this will be useful for myself in the first place, helping me to find an article that I’ve been reading when I need to read it again. But I guess this might also be of interest for the wider blogosphere, pherhaps promoting blog posts that deserve much more attention.

Naturally, as it kind of is the character of  this blog, these links will most certainly include posts written in various languages and covering topics that are either fine-dining- or wine-related, but could also tangent to various other fields. Here we go. Read the rest of this entry »

Mangetsu Izakaya Restaurant, Frankfurt – Japanese Restaurants

We’re lucky to have  quite a big density of authentic Japanese restaurants here in Frankfurt. But beware! If I’m saying “authentic”, I’m judging by the abundance of Japanese guests rather than by my knowledge of the Japanese cuisine. In fact, I’ve never been to Japan. On the other hand, I some basic kind of way at least, I believe I can somehow tell the difference (I’m pretty sure though I know how real delicious Sushi tastes like!), and luckily a few Japanese friends also helped me with their judgements.

Mangetsu is located in the Bockenheim district of Frankfurt, not far from the trade-fair complex and parts of the university campus. It calls itself Izakaya-restaurant, because basically, that’s what it is. Izakaya means Sake bar and somehow represents the Japanese version of a tapas bar (some would hate me for that comparison I’m sure) where one is served a multitude of small plates to go along with drinks. Read the rest of this entry »

Eine schöne Bescherung…

…im Weingut Schätzel! Das alte Kelterhaus wurde wunderbar Weihnachtlich hergerichtet, im coolen rheinhessischen Loft-style. Auf den ersten Blick sieht das ja schon fast nach “Prenzelberg” aus. Aber Berlin kopiert glaub’ ich nur Nierstein. Das muss auch mal gesagt sein! ;=) Read the rest of this entry »