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All Posts from January, 2011

1976 Auslese weißgold, Schloß Vollrads, Rheingau


Hier hätten wir wieder eine Flasche aus der Reihe Alte Schinken aus Hammer-Jahrgängen. Obwohl: vielleicht war 1976 auch das 2003 der Siebziger, so heiß war es da laut Überlieferungen, und deswegen vielleicht nur ein ultra-reifer Jahrgang und nix für die Ewigkeit? Nun gut: Wir werden’s rausfinden, denn früher oder später muss die Flasche eh weg, und sei es in den Ausguß. Vom Namen her eigentlich nicht von schlechten Eltern: Schloß Vollrads gehörte damals noch zum Rheingauer Hochadel und Auslese weißgold klingt für meine Begriffe auch deutlich klangvoller als etwa gelbgold oder silber. Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Germany,Rheingau

Involtini alla Romana

There are flavour combinations that can not fail. Veal with sage, Parma ham, white wine and cream is such a one. No wonder it’s a classic in Italian cuisine: it is known there under the name Involtini alla Romana, where involtini means roll. But a better known name for this combination of ingredients is Saltimbocca alla Romana. The main difference there is that the veal is laid out flat like a Schnitzel and not rolled.
Well, anyhow, Involtini has also become a recurring dish in our kitchen. Not only because of the killer flavours, but simply because it is easy and quick to make, actually something you wouldn’t expect from a dish tasting that good! Your guests might think you were standing in the kitchen for 3 hours to yield such flavours. Here’s my quick photo report recipe:

IMG_5567 Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Food,Italy

2008 Sedara, Donnafugata, Sizilien


Diese Cuvée aus hauptsächlich Nero D’Avola vermischt mit internationalen Rebsorten wie Merlot und Cabernet ist vom Prinzip her eine gute Idee, da sie mit 13% für sizilianische Verhältnisse schon fast ein Leichtgewicht darstellt und somit ein bekömmlicher Pizzawein sein könnte. Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Italy

WLTV with Bar Boulud Sommelier Michael Madrigale

I don’t always, but now and then I watch Gary Vaynerchucks notorious web-show. If the topic isn’t too interesting, Gary’s hectic kind of passion gets a bit on my nerves but sometimes I’m just caught up by the nice bottles or the guests on his show.

I especially liked this show with Michael Madrigale. First, because his story of how he got in touch with wine and became a professional is very enjoyable and second because of these amazing BIG BOTTLES! It’s true and especially for whites: big bottles keep the wine more fresh while still gaining in elegance when they age. I had a magnum of Kiedricher Gräfenberg Riesling recently that proved it to me. And now I’m thinking of changing my purchase policy. It just makes so much sense for the enjoyment of wine. Not only for the quality, but also for the idea of sharing it with friends and loved ones!

Categories: Misc

2007 Tabula Rasa, Domaine des Enfants, VdP des Côtes Catalanes


Even though I generally like the powerful and flavour-loaded white cuvées’ of Southern France, this one wasn’t really my cup of tea. The wine seemed a bit out of balance with 14% alcohol dominating too much for my taste. But I can read from this article (in German), that 2007 was a vintage full of difficulties for this young estate. So don’t take this very short note as a general judgment on the winery. I’m rather encouraged to give it another chance with the following vintages. Check their website here.

Categories: France,Languedoc

2007 “Montmains”, Chablis 1er Cru, William Fèvre


I still remember my military service times where I was employed in a mixed French and German unit, part of the Eurocorps. The main raison d’être of this unit was of course to intensify cooperation and friendship between France and Germany and as a part of this truly European spirit our small company once headed to Chablis in France. Officialy, to visit and inspect an equipment depot of ours which was located in the area; but in reality, we concentrated on indulging some French savoir-vivre, feasting on French Baguette and Pâté while trying some Chablis. Needless to say, this was more a carousal rather than a sophisticated wine tasting and on our way back, the slide door of our military VW bus had to be opened a few times.
But still, this was probably my first real encounter with Chablis and also with the notion of Terroir: a winemaker showed us the fossilized shells for which the soils are famous. Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Bourgogne,France