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Fatty Crab, NY


You might ask yourself why I post such a sketch-like article with pitiful pictures about a restaurant that has been reviewed in much thorough and brighter ways by many other blogs. Well, it’s just that this blog isn’t only for sharing experiences in a preferably elegant way, it sometimes also needs to Read the rest of this entry »


Much more than Orlando’s Disneyland, I love New York’s Momofuku-land. As a matter of fact, rising chef David Chang has built up his small empire of restaurants in New York’s East Village and although I’ve only been to 2 of the 3 places opened, I became a big fan of his ideas. And I’m convinced that the remaining third restaurant which is the fine dining place Momofuku Ko wouldn’t disappoint me either since it should represent the continuation or the total refinement of his collected ideas. I hope I can make it there one day. On the other hand his 2 regular places are delicious enough and already transport Changs creativity!

End of lunchtime at Momofuku Ssäm Bar Read the rest of this entry »

Bar Masa, Time Warner Centre, NY


Masa and Bar Masa are reputedly the 2 mythical sushi restaurants in New York, if not the US. I have read several times about their extremely high standards, importing fresh fish from Tokyo on a daily base, but at the same time of course I also heard about their astronomic prices. So there I was in New York, so close to Sushi heaven thinking about my probable value for money return, and I just gave myself a kick: at least once should I experience Sushi of outstanding quality. I went for lunch.

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Adriano´s Ragú


My friend Jeff’s roommate Adriano is sad. Soon he’s going to leave New York and head back to Italy. He said he’s really going to miss this place. One thing he’s not sad about though is finally coming back into a world of Italian food. Italian cooking is actually the one thing he constantly held on to during his 2 year stay in the city. And his roommates were pretty lucky since he’s a real pasta professional: he cooks sauces, keeps ‘em in the freezer, and eventually will prepare you perfect pasta dish in about 10 minutes. And it’s definitely better than any mac & cheese. Read the rest of this entry »