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2005 Spätburgunder M, Markus Schneider, Ellerstadt, Pfalz


Markus Schneider has a good sense for marketing. This young winemaker from the Pfalz developed a neat modern website for his estate, he designed a cool layout for all of his wine-labels, building an easy recognizable style and last but not least, his wines are poured at the posh restaurant Sansibar on the Northern Island Sylt, which gives an extra-kick to the brand name and helped building the aura of a top-newcomer estate. Read the rest of this entry »

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Old Burgundies Tasting


Damn it was really time for a wine tasting! Especially when I think of some old wines in the cellar which aren’t getting younger anymore and begged to be drunk! We agreed on old Burgundies as the central topic and assembled some 5 bottles, one of them being a Rhône wine actually, but no drama, it’s not that far away anyway.


For a start I opened a 1959 German white with ripped off label, hence some kind of surprise wine. When I bought this bottle very cheaply on Ebay I relied on the aura of the bombastic 1959 vintage which brought up some fantastic wines throughout Europe. And Since our first red Burgundy would be a 1959 too, I thought that would be the opportunity to open it.
We weren’t disapponted: It had a shiny golden colour with a touch of orange, a slightly nut-like nose without any age note, which is impressive for a wine that old. On the palate it was Read the rest of this entry »