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Languedoc wines can age well! Bottles from 1998 and 1999


Last week it was proven again that wines from Languedoc in Southern France have an ability to age. The 1998 Chateau de La Liquière, cuvée Cistus from Faugères had a dense structure with fruit and balance, was superbly mouth-filling and showed a great length. Read the rest of this entry »

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Impressions from Burgundy

On the First of September I attended a wedding in the heart of Burgundy while harvest was already in full swing. Besides celebrating the wedding in the church of Gevrey-Chambertin and having a toast on the couple with delicious wines in the Château de Marsannay, I was of course constantly surrounded by fantastic impressions of a legendary wine region. Unfortunately the sky was overcast – nevertheless, here are some pictures.

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Random Red Wines with Oskar


It was time again for a nice red wine evening. We didn’t have a real topic and gathered some random bottles of red wine from 1972 to 1997. Here are the notes:

1972 Gigondas, Henri de Villamont

We started with this old Gigondas. Luckily we had no problem with the cork. In the glass it had a nice although slightly blurry red colour. In the nose a little age note with cellar and mushroom. On the palate, lively acidity which probably kept this wine alive. Yet it still appeared balanced and was nicely drinkable but had a rather short finish.
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Leitz’ Rheingau Riesling Bombs

This was a Special day. After having tasted some of Robert Weil’s top wines at the 2006 vintage presentation, we had the opportunity to try 2 of Josef Leitz’ acclaimed dry Rieslings. Whereas Weil’s wines are well known since ages – they delivered many wines to royal families in the 19th century – Josef Leitz has only build up his reputation in the last years and did so with a totally different style of dry wines. Weil’s high-end dry Rieslings such as Gräfenberg generally appear very round and harmonious with fruit and a subtle minerality game ( The 2006 Kiedricher Gräfenberg Erstes Gewächs is much more closed than the 2005 and could be more of a long runner by the way ), whereas the  high-end dry wines of Joseph Leitz from Rüdesheim are rather presenting themselves as wild and powerful Riesling bombs! Read the rest of this entry »

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