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All Posts from January, 2007

Escudo Rojo: Our New Red “Allzweckwaffe”*

Recently, we filled our cellar with a new favourite all-rounder red wine. That means a red wine which is perfect if you have many guests, which pleases nearly every palate and yet has some sophistication and elegance. Not too much wood, not too acidic, not too harsh tannins Read the rest of this entry »

Categories: Chile

“Old meets Young” Burgundies Tasting

After my little wine-break (finally 10 days instead of 20 :=)) we decided to attack those Burgundies again. Oskar had 3 bottles which were 3 different vintages from the Confréries des Tastevins, bottled by Ets Saint-Ferdinand in Mercurey. The labels didn’t tell us more, except for the vintages which were 1970, 1977 and 1983; so it was some kind of “Tastevin-Seventies-Verticale”. As a final bottle and some kind of contrast I added a 2003 Beaune 1er Cru Bottle from Dufouleur Père et Fils which I got in a wine shop here in Frankfurt for the occasion.
For the 3 oldtimers, the corks came out surprisingly well Read the rest of this entry »

New York Times on Old Burgundies’ Tasting

I liked this article about a tasting organized by Bouchard in Burgundy. Eric Asimov and several other lucky journalists were invited to taste very old wines from this famous wine producer, including some bottles from 1846, 1929 and 1939. Eric Asimov describes very well how these wines have surpassed history and how you might feel when having the opportunity to taste one of them.

Categories: News

Happy New Year

So finally the end of year festivities are over. We had lots of fun and it was plenty of good food and good wine, and even more good wine and… tons of good wine actually. I kind of realised that in the December there weren’t many days were I didn’t have a glass of wine, and Christmas and New Year marked a peak in my personal wine consumption. So it wasn’t hard to find a good resolution for the New Year. I’ve decided to spend 20 days without drinking a drop of alcohol. So now I have 15 more days to go. Theoretically it’s not difficult to stay 20 days without a drop of wine, but it gets hard when you order a nice dish in a restaurant for example, or when friends have a drink. But on the other hand I’m not the only one who drank too much on New Year’s Eve. And after 20 days I’ll be a little proud and will really savour my first glass of wine in 2007. Sounds like a dignified start in a good year to me. So happy New Year to you too, my 5 loyal readers or so! Let’s drink some pretty good wine this year (in 15 days I mean)!

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